All of us know about YouTube. YouTube is the world’s top and best video sharing website invented

by three PayPal employees named Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim on 114th February,

2005. Users can upload, view and share videos on YouTube. Now YouTube is subsidiary of Google.



After the great success of YouTube in India, now it decides to provide pay-per-view service for

their users in India. This step definitely helps the movie industry to defend and control the growth

of piracy problems in the industry. Google’s YouTube video-sharing website has already started its

pay-per-view service in different countries such as Australia, Korea and Japan   from last 6-7 months.

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The Director of Google Asia Pacific, Gautama Anand said about YouTube paid video service that the

pay-per-view service is an instinctive step in India for their working partners. There are so many

media companies which are interested and in support of this service.


Pay-per-view service allows viewers to pay one-time fee to stream a video or movie on YouTube

for a limited period of time. According to Mr. Gautam, it is very much possible to convert regional

television into YouTube content. At the present time around 25 to 30 percent of TV broadcast are

in the Regional languages.


He also said that “We are raising a lot of awareness through our YouTube Partner Program on

how regional content producers in South India can make money by putting up their videos on

our website. We have seen its potential; much of this type of content is popular aboard”.

The YouTube’s partner program enables the content producer’s videos to be packaged along with

the advertisements and then hosted on YouTube. And the profit generated in this program is then

divided between the Google and the partner. (SourceThe Hindu)