Yahoo Mail is a pretty much popular mail program on the web. It is a very strong competitor of Gmail. To beat the Gmail Yahoo added some new features to its free package that are worth notable. Today we will let you know about Yahoo free mail service pros & cons. If you are planning to switch from Gmail or another mail client to Yahoo then you would just love to get some amazing reasons to move. So keep reading. Lets’ get started with features of Yahoo free mail service.

Yahoo Free Email Service Pros & Cons

Yahoo Free Mail Service Features

  1. Yahoo! Mail offers whooping 1 TB of online storage at,, and domains.

2. You can access Yahoo! Mail on the web, POP, and IMAP. You also have an option to forward your mail at Yahoo! Mail to another email address.

3. Additionally, you are able to able to send SMS and instant messages to Yahoo!, Windows Live contacts, and Facebook.

4. It comes with strong spam folder that collects all the junk emails.

5. Yahoo free email service features disposable email address that let you create and delete again throwaway mail addresses.

6. Up to 200 filters are checking incoming emails. You also have an option or block instant messaging contacts and email addresses.

7. On-demand passwords and 2 step authentication like features to secure your mail.

8. Collect mail from additional POP accounts.

9. Yahoo free mail service features a small social network that let you connect to Facebook and Yahoo! users.

10. For more security, it has inbuilt virus scanning and it doesn’t download remote images.

11. Keyboard shortcuts, tabs, drag, and drop, address auto-completion etc. let you give more freedom.

12. Yahoo! Mail is available for Android and iPhone. Apart from that for the web, it comes with the sleek and attractive design.

13. All connections to Yahoo! Mail (through the web, IMAP, POP, SMTP and via apps) use encryption by default.

14. When you go to its premium or paid version then you will get an ad-free version.

Yahoo Free Mail Service Pros:

1. Yahoo free email service integrates social networks, SMS text messaging, and social networks.

2. Desktop-like interface, attention to detail features and design, keyboard shortcuts make it incredible.

3. One of the biggest pro of Yahoo! Mail is 1 TB storage that is a lot in comparison to its competitors.

Yahoo Free Mail Service Cons:

  1. Yahoo! Mail spam filter needs more precision and its manual rules should more flexible.

2. You are not allowed to label messages freely or even with multiple tags or in other words you can’t set up smart folders.

3. For desktop email programs it does not offer IMAP access.

4. We know you are coming to know here Yahoo free email service pros and cons but we want you to tell some more. Yahoo offers three version of Yahoo! Mail lets compare them all.

Yahoo Free Email Service Pros & Cons

Free Version

  • Get a storage up to 1 TB.
  • You can attach up to 25 MB of files. The maximum you can attach up to 100 MB via its in-built ‘Attach Large Files’ app.
  • Account gets expired if there is no activity in 1 year.
  • It supports protocols like POP3, YPOPs!, IMPA, and SMTP.
  • 100 inbuilt filters to sort incoming messages.
  • Spam and virus protection
  • Ad-supported.

Plus or Ad Free Version

  • 100 MB. Message size limit *10 MB
  • Up to 10 attachment per mail
  • POP access and forwarding
  • Offline access to mails
  • Send mails from Yahoo! Mail using other email domains
  • Block up to 200 mail address
  • Screen unsolicited emails using 50 filters
  • No promotional taglines in email
  • Lifetime account without expiration

Business Version

  • Unlimited storage
  • Up to 10 email accounts
  • Get an additional five custom email address and domain name by paying additional $35 per year.

Hope you like to know about Yahoo free email service pros and cons. If you want to read more interesting content feel free to check our website’s other content.



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