It seems that Flipkart is again following the footsteps of Amazon. After the great success of Amazon Prime, Flipkart has launched a much like service called Flipkart Plus. Flipkart Plus is a new customer loyalty program that is launched today by Flipkart.

According to the company, it is the ‘India-first program’ that is ‘designed to delight’. If it sound bit familiar to you then let us remind you that back in 2015 Flipkart launched a similar program which was called Flipkart First, it was priced at Rs. 500/year but it was an unsuccessful program and eventually get shut down.

Now it would interesting to see what will Flipkart Plus offer that can change the internet shopping experience. Flipkart Plus offers a couple of benefits that would obviously be better to compete with other e-commerce portals.

The best thing about Flipkart Plus is it is free. Yes, you don’t need to pay anything extra to get access to new service. Well that’s sounds interesting, right? Let’s check some questions that you want to know.

What is Flipkart Plus?

Flipkart Plus is an exclusive loyalty program from Flipkart that customer can subscribe to without paying a single penny to the company. You can use it on the app or website.

It comes with a host of benefits like faster delivery time, free delivery on selected products, early access to big sales, more discounts etc.

How to Join Flipkart Plus?

So Flipkart Plus is free to join so how it is different from its normal service. Well, here Flipkart played smartly.

They boast that Flipkart Plus is free to join but in actual you need 50 coins to join the Flipkart Plus. Yes, you read it right Flipkart Plus runs on the coin-based system.

When you log in to your account you will see some coins in your account that are based on your past shopping history with Flipkart.

Let’s break it down, for every Rs. 250 spent you would earn 1 coin, but for each transaction, you can maximum 10 coins. This simply calculates that one transaction in which you had spent Rs. 2500 you can earn 10 coins.

Now if you made such 5 transactions you a can have 50 coins that are needed to become an annual member.

If you are one of the lucky users who is a regular user of Flipkart then the company might surprise you with free coins.

To check how many coins you have just log in to Flipkart and check for the coins. If you have 50 coins in your account the immediately click on Join for Free buttons.

When you become a member your 50 coins will be deducted but you can earn more for next membership by following the above math. More the purchase you make more the coins you will earn.

You can even redeem coins to get offers on Flipkart partners like Café Coffee Day, Book My Show, Zomato, ixigo, and Make My Trip.

Flipkart Plus Benefits

When you accumulated over 50 coins and join the Flipkart Plus membership you can get access to the following rewards:

  1. 1000 voucher for Flipkart
  2. 1200 voucher for BookMyShow
  3. Hotstar Premium annual subscription
  4. Zomato Gold annual subscription
  5. 1100 gift card for Make My Trip

Additionally, you will get access to fast and free delivery. You will also get early access to exclusive sales. That’s not it Flipkart Plus is giving more surprises beyond website and app itself.

For instance, Flipkart Plus will get offers like Rs. 100 off when you book movie tickets from Book My Show, Rs. 500 off when you book a flight from ixigo and a free beverage at ChaiPoint and CCD.

Offers can be different for all users so you need to check your offer by login to Flipkart > My Accounts > Plus Zone > Offers.

To redeem the offer just click on Claim offer that you want to claim, a coupon code will appear that you need to use in a respective website.

Flipkart Plus vs Amazon Prime

If you are about to buy Amazon Prime then obviously you are feeling confused right now after launching of Flipkart Plus. Well, don’t worry let’s compare both services.

One of the biggest benefits of Flipkart Plus is it doesn’t come with any subscription cost. On the other side, Amazon charges you Rs. 129 per month or Rs. 999 yearly. However, both offer some similar services like free delivery, fast delivery, early access to sale and more.

Flipkart Plus offers a premium subscription to streaming service like Hotstar. Here Amazon has a bigger advantage.

Amazon offers Prime Video subscription that is not the currently biggest alternative to Netflix but it gives you an amazing audio experience with its Prime Music service.

To deal with it Flipkart offers free Zomato Gold membership, and Plus Coins to get more amazing deals.

Which One to Choose?

If you already have 50 coins in your account then there is no harm to get access to Flipkart Plus but if you are thinking to shop more, that too unnecessarily in order to earn more coins then we don’t recommend you to do it.

On the other hand, Amazon Prime is worth trying service. If you love watching new content, music and get the best shopping experience then no one can give you a package like Amazon Prime.


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