First of all we must know what is Credit Card.?

Credit card is just like small bank in your pocket from which you can borrow money any time you

require to pay for goods and services. The issuer of the card allows the user to borrow money from

a revolving account by granting a number of credits. Credit card is different from charge card or

cash card as both cards require refill every month or after getting empty from money.


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Credit card allows a balance of debt with a rate of interest; just you need to make your monthly

payment on time. The issuer of card lends you money up to a time period, at the end of which

you are expected to pay back the borrowed money. If the person was unable to pay within the

time limit the lender will levy a charge.


Example of the front view of credit card

credit card use


  1. Issuing bank logo
  2. EVM chip on “smart cards”
  3. Hologram
  4. Credit card number
  5. Card brand logo
  6. Expiration Date
  7. Card Holder Name
  8. contactless chip

All Credit card has unique 16 digit numbers for its identity.



The reverse side of a typical credit card has:

  1. Magnetic Stripe
  2. Signature Strip
  3. Card Security Code


Steps to Know How to Use Credit Card

»  The first thing you need to decide is either you are able to afford the purchase or not and

will be able to pay bill once it come.


»  Secondly be assuring that you have signed your card on back side of it.


»After the purchase if there is a P.I.N. pad present, slide your credit card from the machine or if

no P.I.N. pad is present simply handover your card to the cashier. while using machine for credit

if it ask for P.I.N. number press the cancel key and if it ask whether you want a credit transaction

press the credit or yes key.


»  Next step is to sign the receipt. If it is an electronic machine you are using, sign in the given box.

If the electronic machine is not present, circle the amount on receipt and sign on the given receipt

line and handover the receipt to cashier.


»  Next is verification of your sign. For this you need to handover your credit card to cashier if asked

to do so. It is just to verify your signature with the one on card.


» And atlast, make sure to get back your credit card. You should take care of your credit card as a

credit card is not password protected unless you demand for this functionality in your credit card.

If you lost your credit card in any case inform the respected bank or police.


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