As we all know that we can easily create so many Email addresses on Internet which are absolutely

free of cost. That is why people are now using so many email addresses to fulfill their desires.Earlier

time it was difficult to verify  fake email addresses, but now it is so simple. So many online tools are

now available on Internet which helps you to verify fake email addresses.


Now days more and more people are using Fake email addresses for their specious purposes. Fake

email addresses conceive number of problems to other peoples. So there is a need of detecting the

fake email addresses. Most of fake email addresses are used by Hackers for stilling the secret and

confidential information. Here we are going to tell you the working  techniques to verify fake email



1. Email Address Checker 

Email Address Checker

Email Address Checker is one of the best fake email addressess detector. You just need to type

the email address you want to verify. Then press “Check” button provided. After that it displays the

valid results of your query.  You can also find all the details of email address holder.


2. IsValidEmail 



IsValidEmail is also a fake email addresses verification web service, which helps you to verify

the fake email addresses. First enter the email address you want to verify then press “Invoke”.

If the result display “True” then email address is valid otherwise it is not a valid email address.


3. Windows Telnet Service

Window Telnet Service is the simple and reliable method of verifying  fake email addresses.

Steps to verify fake email address via Window’s Telnet Service.


a) If you are using Windows 7 or Vista firstly you have to Enable Telnet. If you are Windows

XP user then please skip this step as Telnet is by default enabled in Windows XP.


How to Enable Telnet

Enable Telnet

First open the “Control Panel” of your Windows then go to “Programs or Programs and Features”.

Now click on “Turn Windows Features On or off”.


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Window Telnet Service

In windows Features Dialog Box, mark “Telnet Client” option then click OK 

Window Telnet Service


b) After enabling the Telnet Service, open Command Prompt (DOS) and type the command

written below –

                        nslookup –type=mx

Running this command on Command Prompt will extracts the MX records of a domain.


Now you have to change the domain name of above command into email address.


c) Now you have to select any one server which has lowest preference number. The server

having the Lower preference number is always preferable.

According to the MX records has the lowest preference; it

means it is a preferable server.


d) Now connect the preferable server i.e. by Telnet by typing

the command written below in command prompt –

                                     telnet 25


e) Now say hello to the server: Hello

f) Firstly type your own email address to verify. For example:

     Mail from: [email protected]


g) Now you have to type the email address you want to verify:

      Receipt to:


After all this, you will get an idea about fake email addresses from the server response

of “receipt to” command. If the email address is valid then you get OK message response

otherwise you will get 550 errors.


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