Earlier we use torrents to download our favourite movies but as you know that most of the torrent sites were banned in many countries. If you are the one then you might find an alternate if yes then we have some best alternate here which help you to download movies from torrents. Check below links:

But wait what if you don’t want to use torrent. Well in such case we have listed here top 10 free movies download sites. Now make a note that all the sites listed here not let you download movies directly but let you watch them or stream them free of cost. If you want to download then use third party sites like 9xbuddy.com to download them.

Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites

Free Movie Download Sites


Retrovision is one of the greatest sources for downloading movies. If you love classic movies and TV shows than Retrovision are simply just for you.

Retrovision is an idle place for classic content you can enjoy its classic content not just in your system but in your Android smartphone too as it has an official Android app called ‘Classic UHF’ which let you enjoy classic on the go.

Retrovision has a genre-specific menu which makes it easy for you to find out movies and serials without any hesitation. To make the search more meaningful you can explore its categories like comedy, adventure, westerns, sci-fi, crime, drama, crime, war, and more.

If you are confused in what to watch then simply hit the All category which obviously list all the movies and other content at one place.

If you love classics then it is our one of the most recommended top 10 free movie download sites for you. To get latest updates on classic movies you can signup for the newsletter too.


Yothe u might be thinking what YouTube is doing in the list of top 10 free movie download sites which in actually don’t let us download anything, right?

Well, it is true but as you are majorly looking for downloading free movie we can’t resist ourself by adding YouTube in top 10 free movie download sites because of its two features.

The first feature is an offline feature which let you save the video for the later watch and the second one is downloading.

Not directly but indirectly. You will find many sites which let you download YouTube videos. As there are many just go with one which is working for you.

Coming back to topic YouTube host multiple movies which you can watch for free.

It is true that you can’t find the latest one, apart from that it is pretty hard to find the movies itself but if you know about right channels and if your searching is in quite right direction you will reach to some channels which actually provide lots to movies and TV shows.

Talking about some famous channels then you can start with The Paramount Vault which features classic movie.

Moreover channels like Public Domain Full Movies, Popconflix, Maverick Movies etc. have a good collection of movies. If you are an avid lover of Hindi dubbed movies then you can head to Goldmines Telefilms.

We agree that YouTube is not the right place for the movies which you exactly want to watch but you can give it a try if you want to experiment with different genre movies.

You can also consider YouTube because of its super fast streaming and less dealing with the advertisement.


Crackle is owned by Sony and considered one of the idlest places to watch movies online. As it is owned by Sony so you can expect a good amount of movies.

To access free movies all you need to do is a simple signup. After this create a watchlist and Crackle will start showing you recommendations according to your taste and priorities.

Crackle has a wide collection of popular movies and TV shows that you will not able to find in any other platforms even that are listed here in top 10 free movie download sites. Some of the top offering from Crackle are Firefly, Seinfeld, Sports Jeopardy and more.

If you want to enjoy it on your smartphone or tablet then no need to use it on your browser as it has a dedicated app which supports Android and iOS both.

While watching movies if some of your favorites are blocked due to license restrictions or country specific then bypass the warning by using any good VPN or proxy service.

Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites

Pluto TV

You would just love to use Pluto TV and one of the biggest reason for this is its traditional TV layout. Pluto TV let you access more than 75+ TV channels where you can watch movies online for free.

These channels are divided into various categories like news, tech, sports, movies, TV, and more. The good thing is Pluto TV has a dedicated app which is available for all major platform.

This simply means that you can enjoy your content on the go without any interruption. Make a note that some of the channels are exclusive only to US region. If you want to watch them then use VPN or proxy service.

Open Culture

Open Culture has a wide collection of high-quality videos from all over the world. We choose to add it to our top 10 free movie download sites because it is home to free online courses, language lessons, and obviously free movies.

It was founded in 2006 and has 6 main sections namely Movies, Language Lessons, Textbooks, Online Courses, e-Books, and Audiobooks. Don’t whether you want to get most of the other sections but it is for sure that you will not get disappointed while exploring its movies section as it has an amazing collection of movies.

Currently, Open Culture hosts more than 1150 free movies. Open Culture is idle for watching movies which won Oscar apart from it you will also get a huge collection of Charlie Chaplin movies too.

Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online curates free movies, TV shows, independent films, standup comedy and more. it hosts a wide range of free movies from short films to the cult classic to comedy to documentaries. You will get a different experience here.

If you are keep searching for public domain movies then no need to do it as Movies Found Online does it for you free of cost.

Know that Movies Found Online does not host any movie on their server so as soon some copyright issue has been raised related content deleted soon.


PopcornFlix is basically a free online streaming website which is owned and managed by Screen Media Ventures.

PopcornFlix is home to many public domain movies and original videos. It let you enjoy free movies without even spending a single penny.

PopcornFlix has a wide collection of lots of free movies across multiple categories like comedy, horror, drama, action and more. You can give a try PopcornFlix for watching TV shows and National Geographic series too.

Classic Cinema Online

Here is another recommendation in our to 10 free movie download sites especially for classic movies lover.

Classic Cinema Online has a wide range of classic movies collection including Mobey Dick, Bye Bye Birdie, Lone Ranger and more. Classic Cinema Online has a advanced category feature which let you sort our your favorite movies without any problem.

Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites

Yahoo View

Above we have mentioned YouTube which is not so popular for movies but still a great option but how many of you know that Yahoo has dedicated service which let you watch free movies?

Before moving further know that most of the content is exclusive only to the United States.

This is the reason why it is not a popular choice in other countries but you know what to do now, obviously using a VPN or proxy solve your problem.

One more thing which you need to notice is all the movies here in Yahoo View are not for forever. Each movie has an expiry date after which you can’t access them. You can find the expiry date just below the video.


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