We are now in the mid of 2013. Education system takes a giant step to transform itself into a new era. Technologies around us have changed the whole scenario. Today our Education system is following different methods to make our education interactive and burden free.

I’m bringing you the Top 5 Education Trends in 2013 that are playing a major role in our Education system in 2013. Not only the smarter use of technology has enabled students to get whatever they want but has also empowered them to learn quickly. For example, see this page which now helps to quickly check out the desired result from multiple sources.


Best Education Trends in 2013

1) Social Media

One and the most important Education trends in 2013 which we are seeing right now is the Social Media. The information is now available all over through social media. Earlier if we required some info, school and the library were the options. Now it is completely changed. Students are now engaged with hell lot of information right through from their gadgets.

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Top 5 Education Trends in 2013

You can find educational videos on YouTube, student forums, Wikipedia etc. To enhance your skills, you will find lot of activities available online such as online quiz, debate sessions, and puzzles. We are hoping that social media will play a bigger role in upcoming years and it is very popular among students.


2) Online Learning

Till now, if we imagine about education, we only had a view of a school, teachers, books and lots of assignments. Those were not associated with the technology. But, now that is history. Online learning is a trending way of getting education. People who are unable to attend the classes on regular basis can opt for online learning option.

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Education Trends in 2013

Many reputed universities have launched online courses. One of the major factors of its popularity is that it is quite cheap as compared to the traditional method and you can access your online education account anywhere, anytime.



Yeah right – MOOC. MOOC actually stands for ‘Massive Open Online Course’. MOOC was originated in 2008. Top 5 Education Trends in 2013It was just like a soccer match broadcasting live on a very big television screen in Europe’s street and peoples are watching together.

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I guess this is the idea behind MOOC. This is the new trend where you need a computer or probably a big screen and of course internet. So, a large number of students can be taught at one place. This is already implemented in nearly 200 countries and in 44 different languages.


4) Better Job Market

Since recession hits the market badly and hopefully we expect not to face such a situation in 2013. For this students are need to be aware about the things expected by the companies. Now, soft skill classes, interview classes are new things which are added to the curriculum. If you want to get a better job in 2013, you may face even a lecture on your LinkedIn profile.

Top 5 Education Trends in 2013 5) Game-based Learning

We all love to play games either on field or on our system. But, what if your game becomes your teacher! Yes, Game-based Learning or simply GBL is a very popular trend among kids. Recently many DTH services provide giving educational games such as puzzles, simulation, stories. Though, GBL is still in its initial phase but hope to get these in near future soon.

The above article is contributed by Ricky Shah who also gives education related advice to the students on his blog. See his recent article on his blog to know more about his offering.



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