Buying Paid AppsWhether an app is a 99c or a hundred dollars, you should always know what you are getting on buying paid apps. Here, are a few tips on how to research your apps, and how to buy them without wasting your money. These are the things you should know and do, if you are planning for buying paid apps.

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 Things You Should Know Before Buying Paid Apps

5 Things to Know Before Buying Paid Apps

1) Check the Reviews to see if it is worth the money

Before buying paid apps, you need to know if your investment is going to pay off with a benefit. If it is a game, then the benefit will be a few hours of fun, so find out if the game gets too hard, or ends too early.

If it is a practical app then you need to look online for its biggest selling points and then use the reviews to see if the selling points and benefits it promises are actually present.

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Do not forget that people are able to write their own reviews and post them online, so you need to look for negative reviews and see just how bad the reviews are. If there are no negative or neutral reviews then you should also be wary, because the app’s creator may be manipulating the results.

2) Check to see if it a Legitimate app

Before buying paid apps, you need to buy it from an official site. If you download it from a sharing site or buy it from a third party site, then you have no guarantees that it is a real and safe app.

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Things You Should Know Before Buying Paid Apps

It may be an app that opens a backdoor into your systems. There is plenty of malware out there, and not every virus and malware can be picked up by anti-malware and virus checking software. You need to buy from official sites, as they are the only ones who 99% can guarantee the app’s safety.

3) Do you actually need the Additional Features?

Many paid apps exist by offering two versions. They give you a version called a “Lite” version where the functionality is limited and there are adverts, and they give you a paid version that is “full”. Where there are no adverts and you have full functionality.

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Before you pay for the full version, you should find out what the full version offers. Do the adverts bother you that much, and is the full version actually that different from the lite version. Do they give you tools that you do not need, or extra credits when you don’t need them.

For example, the app may do searches, and the lite version may only give you five searches per week, where the full version gives you five hundred. So ask yourself, do you really need five hundred.

4) Are you just paying for Token changes and Removal of Adverts?

Removing adverts is okay, but they are not always a bad thing. There are plenty of adverts on websites, and many people have learnt to just ignore them. Sometimes they only give you token changes, such as making the app easier to access, or adding encryption protocols.

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Things You Should Know Before Buying Paid Apps

Find out what changes you will get when you upgrade from “lite” to “full” and ask yourself, “Do you really care about these token changes enough to spend your money?”

5) Are you able to try the app first?

As previously mentioned you can often get a free lite version and try the app out first. There are also apps that allow you to have a free trial. They may give you a few tries with the tools, or give you a few days to play with the app. Google Play (the Android market) allows you to have a fifteen minute try with most apps, before you buying paid apps.

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Their full versions are often referred to as “Pro” versions, and many times you are allowed to download and play with the app, and return it within 15 minutes for a refund. Google play also has a 24-hour refund policy that allows you to contact them and uninstall the app for a refund, so long as you do it within 24 hours.

If you would like to see what the app can do but you cannot get a tester/trial of it, then you could always try YouTube. Clever app developers should have a video demonstration of their app for you to look at. And, some fans will often post videos of them using certain apps, especially if the app does something novel or fun.

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Before buying paid apps must read their reviews and ratings of the apps. You have to answer all these questions before buying paid apps. Join Us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

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