Apple’s iPhone is a amazing creation by the best Smartphone brand of the world “Apple”. The

world of a student is one of complex social, sexual, educational and once in a lifetime experiences.

In comparison to some people’s adult lives, time in college or university is a walk in the park. Some

adults have responsibilities to themselves, their family and their employers or company. Some

people make life-changing decisions every day, and others hold the life of others in their hand


Apple iPhone Benefits for Students

Nevertheless, a student has less life experience and therefore will find college or university challenging

for a whole host of reasons. Some students are good with money but bad in love. Some are good with

people but bad with authority. Others are great at everything…..until temptation walks their way. On

this article you will find the seven primary problems that a student faces every day, followed by ways

a student may fix those problems.


Benefits of iPhone in Student Life-

1) Love

Most students who go to college or university are single, or have to break up with their partner in order

to do to college or university. There is also the fact that young love lasts about as long as summer fashions,

so at some point the old chestnut “love” is going to become a problem for the student. Student dating sites

can be accessed via your iPhone at any time of the day.


There are singles forums that exist in most colleges, where singles can chat online and meet up after

classes.There is also access to Facebook via apps and the Internet on your iPhone.You will often find

nests of single students who all go to your college. When you meet up you can take down his/her

number on your iPhone and use it to contact them. You can use your iPhone to send pictures of yourself,

and little videos to each other. You can even prank each other during classes.

Apple iPhone - Love


Still stuck for ideas, you can drop your iPhone on the grass in front of the hot guy you fancy and have

him pick it up for you, like a princess and her handkerchief, with the added benefit that you can have

a hot picture of yourself as your background/screensaver–to show him that you are a woman and not

just a book worm. You could even have him enter his number into it, whilst he has it in his hands.


2 ) Money

Sign up for a contract plan that lets you chat, text and go on the Internet for hours every week for free.

It is the best way of avoiding massive bills (which are a common complaint of students). There are iPhone

apps that will help you find the cheapest train fares, cheapest restaurants and even the cheapest gas

stations. You can find the cheapest insurance with iPhone apps. There are also some very good budgeting

apps, which you can use to manage your money better.

Apple iPhone


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3) School work

You are in college/university to work…but work is work, which means you are going to have to force

yourself to do it if you want to do well. Your iPhone can help with hundreds of apps geared at students.

Let us forget the apps such as personal organizers and note takers, and consider the apps that let you

get a jump on your work.


You are on a train…and you can use your iPhone apps to check your emails, look at Google documents,

read some of your textbooks via the page scanner app you installed, re-read the white board from your

lessons with the white board photographer. You can even use apps to access the Cloud, so that you can

proof read and correct your work–even when you are away from your PC/laptop.

Apple iPhone for School work


4) Time management

Many people have a bad time in organizing their time. A task always seems like it will take a lot less time

than you think, up until you get down to work, and you realize you have just spent 45 minutes on two

paragraphs. A time management app on the iPhone helps students to plan their time in the same way that

they would plan their budget. It is even possible to set up little alarms at timed intervals, so at student may

judge his/her progress in relation to how much time has been spent on a task.

Apple iPhone for time management


5) Remembering things

There are also hundreds of apps on the iPhone that are good for helping people remember things. There

are calendar apps, time management apps, tracking apps and organizer apps. There are apps in iPhone

that can remind you of things several days in advance. For example you may set the app with the date

of your finals on. You can then have it remind you about them five days before, and have it prompt you

every day after until the big day.

Apple iPhone- Remainder

6) Tracking progress

Many students are highly motivated by being able to track their progress over a number of weeks, months

and years. An iPhone app will allow this. There are also students who are worried about their progress and

want some way of figuring out how much they need to improve by. There are also organization apps in

iPhone, which are great for tracking the progress of group activities. They allow documents to be submitted

so that all the others in the group can read them, whilst at the same time allowing all the participants to see

how far along the project is coming.

Apple iPhone Tracking


7) Buying stuff

Students are going to need to buy everything from coffee to schoolbooks. With an iPhone they can

shop online and buy whatever they wish. They never need to leave their dorm (which is good if they

are studying hard). iPhone also makes their life easier if they do not have a car or bike.

Apple iPhone- Buying stuff

Another great thing about the iPhone is that is has apps which allow a student to scan a barcode, and the

app will find the cheapest price for the product, and give lists of shops where it may be bought from. This

means that if a student loses a book, he/she may scan the barcode of a friend’s book and buy their own. If

they need coffee, they can scan the back of the empty carton and buy themselves a new one.


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