Social Media Predictions In this post I’m going to tell you the best Social Media Predictions in 2013. 2012 has been a year that depicted a great deal when we talk about Social media! More and more people as well as businesses have joined in the fun with every passing year and all the related signs lead to such predictions that year 2013 would bring more enjoyment related to social media. Some of the vital predictions you must take into account are as under.

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Social Media Predictions in 2013

Social Media Predictions for 2013

1) Facebook Will Persist Monetizing Its Services

Facebook, the largest social media portal in the world reached more than 1 billion active members in 2012, something which is worth remembering. Facebook certainly continues to monetize its online social services which are not only for individuals but businesses as well. It happens to be a fully integrated social media portal that offer several useful services and tools that offer quality and have proven to be exceedingly effective. This is the first Social Media Predictions for 2013.

2) Content Marketing As a Vital Strategy

The year 2012 really showcased how the powerful content marketing technique is. Businesses and people alike have finally initiated to understand as well as accept the importance of content marketing, and have started taking it seriously. The year 2013 will take content marketing to the next level. It certainly has proven to be an effective strategy which can double and even triple the efforts when implemented with social marketing techniques. It is the second Social Media Predictions for 2013.

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Social Media Predictions in 2013

3) Google Plus Will Become Aggressive

Google Plus, a portal that was not able to acquire much of attention unlike Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. On the other hand, Google+ is not dead at all! There have been some recent development and upgrades with Google+ and it has started its quest for social media domination already. This is the third and guaranteed Social Media Predictions for 2013.

4) More Businesses Are Having Online Social Presence

There are several traditional businesses that are even trying to have their online presence, as they are aware that being online makes them reach not only their present but potential customers too, and that also worldwide. Year 2013 s going to open doors of opportunities for several businesses and even industries to make them have set up their own online social presence.

5) Power of Image Will Increase

We all love sharing images on several social media portals in 2012, but in the year 2013 the trend will boost! Stats show that images and photo are shared over 5 times more than simply textual content and posts. Instagram, a social media portal enables users to share and post photos instantly, can surely attest to how much fact this  and how effective it can be as a marketing and promotional strategy for businesses too.

There are several mobile social sites too that being to grow more in the year 2013. With each year passing, people are now relying more and more on their tablets and Smartphones so that they can stay in touch with their family and friends on several social media portals and 2013 is certainly not an exception.

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Thus, if you make use of any of your gadgets for most of your online activities, you can anticipate this year to be exceedingly beneficial for you! This is the fifth and the last Social Media Predictions for 2013.

These are the best 5 Social Media Predictions to look forward in year 2013, If you find this post useful then feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & all other social sharing platforms.

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