Here are top 5 social media analytics tools that you should use if you want to measure and analyze

your marketing campaign on Social Media. If you simply want to see how far your good reputation

has spread, then these are the tools for you. They all offer Analytic Information, and all offer some

form of prior analysis and reporting before they send the data to you. The list is in no particular

order because each tool does something slightly different to the others.

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Social Media Analytics Tools
Social Media Analytics Tools


Best Social Media Analytics Tools


This Social Media Analytics tools will import your website data and analyze it to see how your

marketing efforts on social media are affecting your website. The data that you have access to is

divided into three sections. You are able to see how your social media campaign is working, how

your blog campaign is working, and other details such as unique visitors, and your current SEO.

This tool is good for figuring out what your marketing campaigns are actually missing.



This Social Media Analytics tools gives you data on Twitter so that you can see how much your

Tweets are really being appreciated. It allows you to collect data so that you can optimize your

Twitter campaign. You will not have to synchronize your Tweet Stats tools with your Twitter

Account. This has the added benefit of allowing you to check up on your competition.


You can generate a real-time timeline that is able to stretch back over two years. This measure

and analyze your marketing campaign on social media tool measure and analyze your marketing

campaign on social media tools allows you to see how your frequency of Tweets has changed and

how that change has affected your followers and your Re-Tweets. It shows you how you have

interacted with Twitter so that you can see what effect it had on your followers.



With this Social Media Analytics tools you can connect your Twitter and Facebook account and

measure your metrics from both. If you are running a campaign across both then it is very good at

showing you how well you are doing. You can see if the content of your posts is actually having any

effect. It shows you how quickly your fan base is growing too.


You can see reports on the types of audience that your posts bring, and you can see insight reports

for specific days and times. You can see what times and what days get the most response so that

you can alter your posting times. You can continue to optimize your posting times as new reports

come in about your newer posting times. In other words you can use this Social Media Analytics

tool to create and maintain a long-term trial and error system. Every time you do something that

gets good results, it will show you, so you will be able to change your campaign to take advantage

of it.



You can monitor statistics from your Facebook profile using this Social Media Analytics tools. You

can also have a look at your competitor’s progress with this tool. It gives you data about your fans

so that you can attract more of them. The interface is easy to use and easy to customize. There is

an automated feature you can use if you know the words you want to analyze within Facebook.


Once you get your report, you can see how the tool has analyzed it. You can take the raw data

and do your own analysis, but if you use it as a general indication of what is popular and what

is not then it is a good tool for measuring your campaigns’ success. You can do the same with

your competitors’ fan pages to see if there is anything about their campaigns you may wish to




There is a paid version and a free version. They are able to give you free reports that are better

than most paid versions. One of its great features is that it also allows you to check on the progress

of your competition to see how well they are doing compared to you.


You can export any of your data to an excel sheet so that you can put it into visual graphics. You

may use your spreadsheets and graphics to see how well you are doing at a glance. It gathers data

from the biggest social media sites and then gives you a little bit of analysis data when it sends you

the data collection reports. This Social Media Analytics Tools allows you to figure out who ur

followers really are. You can see how well you are doing in spreading the good word about your

brand, and how much user engagement you are really creating.


These are the best Social Media Analytics tools which are available and help you to measure and

analyze your marketing campaign on social media.


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