Windows is a well known operating system and is frequently used by people all over the world. As

we all know that, for controlling all the functioning and activities of windows every window provides

Control Panel. Control Panel is most significant area of any operating system. Control Panel is

the area from where all the program and applications are managed. So it is very much important for

us to restrict Control Panel access from some specific users. Restrict Control Panel access is always

a good idea if you want to prevent your windows from unnecessary problems. This will also prevent

the unauthorized installing and uninstalling of programs and software’s in your Microsoft windows.

Restrict Access Windows Control Panel
Windows 7 Control Panel

The method to Restrict Control Panel access is very genuine. So it is very necessary to follow the

steps carefully.These steps not only restrict Control Panel access from users but also disappear all

Control Panel link from Start Menu and Windows Explorer of your windows.


Steps to Restrict Control Panel Access from Users –

Step 1 –

First go to “Start Menu” and then navigate to “Run”. After navigating to “Run” type “gpedit.msc

in the space provided and then click OK.

Navigate to “Run” type “gpedit.msc”
Navigate to “Run”


Step 2 –

Immediately after clicking “OK” a new window opens up entitled “Local Group Policy Editor”.

Now select “Local Group Policy”.

Windows Group Policy Editor
Windows Group Policy Editor


Step 3 –

Now in “Local Group Policy” select “User Configuration” on the left hand side of the new

window. Now on the right hand side of the new window double click on “Administrative Templates”.

Local Group Policy
Selecting “User Configuration”


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Step 4 –

After clicking on “Administrative Templates” now select “Control Panel” folder on the right hand

side of the window and double click to open it.

Selecting "Administrative Templates” and Control Panel
Selecting “Administrative Templates”


Step 5 –

After opening “Control Panel” folder just look for an option named “Prohibit access to Control

Panel” and double click to open it.

Selecting  “Prohibit access to Control Panel”
Selecting “Prohibit access to Control Panel”


Step 6 –

After clicking on “Prohibit access to Control Panel” another new window opens up entitled

Prohibit access to Control Panel” with three options on the top of the window respectively:

Not Configured”,“Enabled” and “Disabled”. Note that “Not Configured” is already marked by default.

Now you just have to mark second option “Enabled” option provided and now click “Apply” and

finally click “Ok”.

Prohibit access to Control Panel
Prohibit access to Control Panel


Now you successfully completed your task and Restrict Control Panel access to specific users.

Whenever anyone tries to open the Control Panel via any other method then he will receive an

error message by the windows.

Error Message by Wndows
Error Message by Wndows

To access your window control panel again follow the same steps and mark the option “Not



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