As Per Rayat Bahra Placement cell, 2013 batch is going to be the luckiest for Rayat Bahra placement

drives and the reason is the time period declared for the placement drive. As long as the time period,

many companies will knock the door of Rayat & Bahra Group of Institutes.

Rayat Bahra Placement First Phase ended


Rayat Bahra Placement cell is holding placement in 3-phase –

  • 1st phase – 10th Oct to 5th Nov(ended)
  • 2nd phase – 5th Dec to 25th Dec
  • 3rd phase – 15th Jan to 10 April(longest one)

Rayat Bahra Placement Drive First Phase –

The 1st phase of Rayat Bahra placement drive ended with lots of hustle-bustle. A hectic and busiest

period for the entire 4th year students. Placement, sessional exam, internal viva, attendance and a

lot more.


A total of 6 companies named UST GLOBALWIPROUNISYSAMAZON, ORACLE  and NIIT

TECHNOLOGIES visited Rayat and Bahra during the 1st phase of Rayat Bahra placement drive.

The first four already discussed and gone with their milestone, the next one was NIIT Technologies.

They step into Rayat premises on 31st Oct for placement in search of their diamond.

Rayat Bahra Placement


First round was aptitude test which was easy to crack if you can work like a calculator means it

basically needs speed in calculation. It consist of two written test, both having a time limit of 30 min

each. First one was having 36 questions, all based on pattern matching, an easy one just need a

keen observer. Second were having 38 questions with a mixture of verbal, non-verbal, reasoning,

C, C++, Logical, etc. If you remembered till now how you passed 9th and 10th standard math’s exam

you can solve them, and if you don’t then you need a polishing.

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On the second day of Rayat Bahra placement drive, Interview round was held which is Technical

+ HR according to NIIT interview panel, but I don’t feel the same. It was more Technical and HR for

name sake only. But they were providing a facility, if you are weak in technical, tell them, they will

ask more HR questions to you but after that don’t think you can get selected either you were perfect.


The most shocking thing was their package. They were giving a stipend of Rs.12000 for three months

during training time, but the offer don’t stop here, they were giving a package of Rs. 1.8 lakh p.a.

(least package ever in Rayat Bahra placement drive) + you need to sign a bond of 3 years with them,

EXCITING right???

Rayat Bahra Placement 2012

The next company in Rayat Bahra placement drive is ORACLE; unlike NIIT, Oracle organize Technical

and HR interview separately. You must be thinking that ORACLE is a database company so basically

they will ask DBMS in technical interview. But you guys are wrong, what they will ask depend on your

luck. Basically there was an interview panel of 8 members, each attending a student separately. In

technical round some of them asked general questions such as how many siblings you have and

some are asking to write a code. So it depend on your luck which one you get as your interviewer.


Now the main things you need to remember during interview are, first don’t get nervous infront of

interview panel. Think them as they are nil infront of you, you will get confidence to speak. Next if

you don’t know something and telling a lie, speak with such a grace so that the interviewer also get

bend to think either I m right or he/she is. Next, prepare a bit with your technical knowledge, don’t

know what’s there is in magical box for you.


And the last blast, if you don’t know something or not in touch with a topic, revise these lines, you will

need them a lot.

“I need polishing on this topic or I am working on it or I am more focused on _______ than what

they were asking……


So in first phase of Rayat Bahra placement drive a total of 71 students got selected in which 12 got

placements in NIIT Technologies and one in ORACLE.

See you all in next phases of Rayat Bahra placement drive…….all the best for finals.


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