Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is currently one of the most talked games and recently PUBG mobile LITE version is launched. We will talk about it but before know some of its facts. This is a game where player needs to survive as long as he or she can, it become a huge hit worldwide.

It is developed by Tencent Games. In case you have just heard about this game recently then let us tell you that it is the battle royale game which was first relapsed on PC from where it gets so popular that company decided to launch it for Xbox.

Earlier this year taking things one step further it has been released on Android for smartphones. All thanks to it’s over millions of users.

It is not like that Tencent Games launch the PUBG mobile LITE version because players are facing any difficulties playing the game. Well, the reason was simple PUBG is almost 1.5 GB game and loaded with high-quality graphics that make it ideal only for high-end smartphones.

PUBG Mobile LITE For Android Launched

It works flawlessly with those smartphones which have Snapdragon 600 or above processor. Such configuration phone is obviously limited that again limit the number of players.

With the launch of PUBG mobile LITEr version now those left out players are also able to enjoy the game that has smartphones with Snapdragon 400 or lower end MediaTek processors.

Tencent Games realized that they have millions of user who are playing PUBG but still there are millions of other users who are not able to experience the game because of having low-end smartphone. To overcome this situation Tencent Games finally decided to launch PUBG mobile LITE for Android.

PUBG Mobile LITE Features

Game Size: the original PUBG mobile comes with a size of 1.5 GB for Android and 2.2 GB for iOS. If you compare its size with the LITE version then you will be surprised to know that PUBG Mobile LITE is just 30 MB small game.

This is specially designed for smartphones that have 1 GB or less RAM. It can function even on an average processor. One of the biggest problem for low end smartphones is they are unable to render the game’s map which has been fixed in LITE version.

Smaller Map: To eliminate the lag Tencent Games decided to minimize the map size so that phone has to process less. The smaller map is based on Miramar and Erangel maps.

Fewer Players: Another big change is less number of player. In original PUBG mobile version there can be a total of 100 players that can play simultaneously but in PUBG Mobile LITE there will have only 40 players. No explanation needed on this, right?

PUBG Mobile LITE For Android Launched

Graphics: Now when you compare the 1.5 GB game with 30 MB then obviously there is a major contribution of graphics. So if you decide to install the LITE version don’t complain anything when it comes to graphics.

On the original version, player can choose between Ultra HD, HDR, HD, Balanced, and Smooth. On LITE version you are able to pick between Balanced and Smooth option.

Weapon: In PUBG Mobile LITE you are not able to carry the third weapon. Original mobile version let you carry a pistol along with two bigger guns. So be ready to think of a new tactic that can let you win the game using two weapons.

Hope you like to know about LITE version of PUBG. Apart from above things you are still able to lean to shoot, stop bullets with the mighty pan, hold down the eye for a 360-degree view, and drive cars.

The LITE version of PUBG is definitely a boon for Indian mobile users as the majority of people have low-end smartphones. However, you have to wait for a while as PUBG LITE is currently available only in Phillippines. Tencent Games launched it there to test the performance once they will fix bugs or add more features they will launch it worldwide.


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