In this post I’m going to discuss some new and unique features of New Facebook News Feed.  The social networking arena has been vibrant in growth and expansion, the number of social media platforms is on the rise same to the number of accounts in those media platforms. With numbers come competition and a redefinition of features and emphasis on USP (Unique Selling Point) is necessary to remain afloat.

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New Facebook News Feed

Facebook is one of the most prominent and extensive social networking sites linking millions of people across the globe. While redesigning its features, Facebook has introduced some New Facebook News Feed Features. Though these New Facebook News Feed features are still evolving even today, it is not too early to get used to them and how we can maneuver our way round.


How to Get the New Facebook News Feed

Facebook to bolster its viewership and membership has come up with the new Facebook News Feed. The accessibility, the bigger size of photos and the flexibility with both web and mobile platforms is one of the merits of this new product.

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To access new Facebook News Feed, it is simple and it involves the Signing up to Facebook and visiting the link This will put you in a waiting list awaiting the process of getting Facebook News Feed which takes a few days.

Features of New Facebook News Feed

The focal point of this new product is to increase the rate of social interactivity with friends, professionals and brands.  The implementation of this product however will be done gradually with the main aim of fixing teething errors and bugs while making necessary improvements before an official release to the public. Some of the captivating features of this new Facebook News Feed product are –

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New Facebook News Feed 6

1) All Friends

This section gives the user the opportunity to see everything that they are sharing. Should there be any status update, music shared amongst friends and check-ins these will be shown in this section.

2) Following

This feature of new Facebook News Feed will give you the opportunity to see posts of people and any brands that you are following. This feed does not allow you to see what your friends are up to and their updates.

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 New Facebook News Feed 1

3) Photos

The photos shared by fan pages that you like and friends are featured in the new Facebook News Feed. If any of your friend updates their profiles and cover photos, a sidebar exists which includes search stories.

This new Facebook News Feed feature will also prompt you to include additional details in photos and albums that you previously uploaded. Under photos, no links will exist and neither will any status displayed.


4) Music

Posts from your favorite artists and any music that your friends may be listening to, form the posts in this section. Facebook will identify your favorite music by the pages that you have liked.

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 New Facebook News Feed 3

5) Order and Decongestion of Facebook

The old version has all the unclassified posts, music and photos in one place. The new Facebook News Feed is organized and has collapsed so many posts shared by many people into one called the friends list.


6) Options to Mange Your Friends

New Facebook News Feed brings into the fore the number of friends who are in excess in Facebook. The Photos Feed and All Friends display updates from all your friends as opposed to the top news feed which was the characteristic of the previous Facebook design. In case you want to reduce the number of posts displayed on your News Feed, you can go to the friend’s name and make use of the friend’s button to uncheck.

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 New Facebook News Feed 4

7) Switching to the Old Design

New Facebook News Feed gives the user an opportunity to return to his old design should he feel that the new design is not customer friendly or not as expected. According to experts, the options of switching will continue until the new design has reached the beta stages.


8) Privacy Settings

The privacy settings for those familiar with the old version have not changed as yet. The only difference is that they can be accessed from a side bar next to your name. This prevents cluttering and ensures organization.

New Facebook News Feedback therefore seeks to bring a new dimension in the appearance and presentation of the Facebook interface. Whether this is going to go well with people or not is yet to be seen but from the onset, the rate at which people are appreciating it is amazing.


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