The LG Magic Remote-

LG remote for Smart TV control TVs passed to a new generation, becoming a true universal remote

control with voice control function, able to control any household gadget. LG Magic Remote Control 

was introduced in 2010 and presented as an accessory that allows efficient and comfortable use specific

functions TV Smart TV category. Since then, it includes convenient scroll wheel for running lists of menus

and accelerometer that simulate the functionality of a mouse cursor animating represented on the screen

by simply moving the remote in the air. Offer reserved 2012 TV version Smart TV function had micron

and voice recognition for commands without buttons, respectively QWERTY Keyboard for Google TV

television series.

LG Magic Remote

New LG Magic Remote control features extend above universal remotes adding specific features such

as the ability to learn new commands, to control other gadgets in the neighborhood, including non-LG.

Improved software support Natural Language TV voice commands allows control complex, eg. channel

name saying that we want to watch to jump directly to it.


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The LG magic remote shape was optimized and buttons are re-positioned for convenience. TVs LG

CINEMA 3D Smart TV in the upper price come with a smaller version of the remote, equipped with

illuminated buttons.Those who wish to enjoy the new functionality LG Magic Remote remotes can

be buying a TV LG Smart

TV function room 2013, or by purchasing a separate remote control Magic Remote, at a price still

remained unidentified.

Wireless Headphones with Liquid Metal-

The more small and portable headphone accessories are they become extremely fragile, easily damaged

during everyday use. Fortunately care not accidentally hang audio cable, copper wire breaking that provides

MP3 player connection could soon be history. Invented by a group of American researchers from the North

Carolina State University, copper wire cable replacement is elastic and can stretch up to 8 times its original

length without breaking or irreversibly interrupt electrical signal that carries it.

Wireless Headphones


A great power is achieved by replacing the solid copper wire with a flexible tube made of polymer plastic,

filled with a mixture of gallium (metal liquid at room temperature) and indium alloy capable of transporting

electricity. Keeping separate materials, the proposed solution fails to provide electrical conductivity of

running a headset and exceptional tolerance for accidents that lead to forcing and extent of the audio cable.

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