We know how it feels when you are not able to access your favorite sites. If your college, organization, company, school, etc. stop you from checking your favorite sites but you still want to access them then you will love to know that we have some working methods which help you to bypass the restrictions and let you access blocked websites easily. Read below methods and know which one is working for you.

Top 10 Ways to Access Blocked Websites


VPN refers to Virtual Proxy Network that let you connect your system or device using different country IPs. Using VPN to access blocked websites is one of the most common and popular methods.

VPN will not just let you open the blocked website, but you can do all the things like downloading, make an account, and more. If your school or college block some specific sites then still it will help you to bypass it.

If you want to know how it works then know that VPN acts as a tunnel that turns all the data into garbage value that is almost impossible for anyone to recognize and sniff.

If your needs are limited say you want to access few blocked sites then you will be glad to know that there are tons of free and cheap VPN services available on internet which help you to enjoy uninterrupted internet experience.

VPN will not just help you to defeat the censorship, but it makes your connection encrypted so no one can know about your details.

You can take your web surfing experience to another level by using TOR browser and VPN.

Legitimate Ways to Access Blocked Websites

Use Proxy Websites

In some situations your office or school restrict you from accessing some websites like social networking sites, video streaming sites, opening personal mails, etc. If you are in the same situation, then you would love to use proxy websites.

On the internet, you will find hundreds of proxy websites that help you to open restricted sites. Before using any, make a note that proxy websites are not as much secure as VPNs so if you are really concerned about your security then prefer using VPNs.

Use IP instead of URL

How many of you know that every website’s URL has an IP address? If you are lucky enough then authorities might have blocked the URLs only. In such case, you are able to access sites using IP address.

You might be thinking how to get an IP address of any website? Well, that’s very simple. All you need to do is press Windows button + R. It will open a Run command box. From here you need to ping the blocked site to get the IP address of it.

For instance, if you want to unlock facebook.com then type ping facebook.com and press enter. This process will return the IP address of the website you have entered.

Note down the IP address and enter it into your web browser address bar. You can do the same on platforms like Linux, Mac, Android, etc.

Change Network Proxy in Browsers

If your school, college, university or company using multiple proxies for their network then you might love to try this trick to access blocked websites. So why you need to give it a try? Well, most of the time authorities restrict website on one particular proxy. So you can try your luck.

First, you need to disable the network proxy settings in your web browser which isn’t a really difficult task. Look for connections/networks option in your web browser settings.

Once reached you need to select no proxy option or simply try another one.

Legitimate Ways to Access Blocked Websites

Use Extensions

If your institute or organization blocked any site which is dynamic in nature like YouTube or Facebook, then you can give a try to some extensions. ProxMate and Hola are some of the great notable extension that helps you to access blocked websites.

You can download and use the extension in your Chrome or Firefox browser. One more notable plugin is UltraSurf that let you explore blocked websites using its encrypted proxy network. UltraSurf is powerful enough o bypass firewalls like Lightspeed.

Recast URL

In some rare cases, it has been seen that some website is hosted in VPN, but it lacks the verified SSL certificate. If you find such website, then you need to simply type full URL like https://www.sitename.com, instead of www.sitename.com or http://www.url .com. It might show a security notice but ignore it as you know what you are doing. By it by clicking on Proceed Anyway option.

Use TOR Browser

Tor browser is one of the top names that any knowledgeable person will suggest you when you ask how to access blocked websites. This browser highly loved by people whose real concern is privacy. It will provide you with full anonymity. Individually it itself a powerful tool to access blocked websites but you can give it wings by using it with VPNs or proxies.

HTML to PDF Converter

We know you are feeling shocked after checking this point in the list. Well, online HTML to PDF converter actually help you to access blocked websites especially if your major concern is accessing a few pages.

Sodapdf like HTML to PDF converter helps you to access blocked websites without any problem. It actually let you see the PDF version of the webpage that you enter.

Use Firefox from USB Drive

School or colleges have a very bad reputation when coming to accessing sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Moreover, they might also block you to use extensions for personal use. In such a situation you can install your favorite browser in a portable USB drive.

You can simply do it. While installing any software system ask where you want to install the software. At this time you need to point to the installation folder to a USB drive.

We hope all of the above-mentioned methods help you to access blocked websites. If you are using any other method, then let us know in the below comment section,


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