How to increase your website ranking

Many people asked me that how your website

ranking is improving day by day. what is the

main reason behind it? So for all those people

and for bloggers this post will help them to

increase there website ranking. Website ranking

and website traffic are co related to each other.








Search engine optimization is most important tool which helps you to increase your website ranking

as well as to improve your website traffic. Do keyword research in  Google Keyword Tool site

before publishing a post. Check your keyword traffic competition.



increase website ranking
increase your website ranking















Quality Content-

The most important factor is content quality. If you provide quality content and all info which

visitors wants then definitely your website ranking as well as website traffic will improve. Publish daily

a new post with quality content.


Don not repeat your keyword again and again so many times. Use maximum 7-8  times a keywords

in your each post or article. but it is depends upon how much the total words you are using. overall

don’t increase your keyword density above 5 %.


Link Building- Build your website link in all your posts not more than 3 times in a post. Through

social media marketing you can also improve your website ranking. webmasters also helps to improve

your website ranking. Directory submission,link submission and back linking are also such factors which

helps to increase your website ranking...


Social Bookmarking-

Create your account on Digg, Delicious,  stumble upon or so many other site to submit your website link.

Don’t put too many ads on your website, if you do so your Google ranking will not improve. Update your

website daily with minimum one post or article.


These all factors helps you to increase your website ranking as well as website traffic.

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