Technically YouTube Music was launched in 2015 and it is different from actual YouTube. Earlier Google’s prime focus was Play Music but now company decided to put its all focus on YouTube Music. Company continuously works on it to make it proper streaming service. Apart from it time to time company also adds new features to it. As we have said that it is completely apart from YouTube that we have generally known so here we will tell you how you can sign up for YouTube Music.

If you are here out of curiosity then obviously you want to know that what is so special in YouTube Music that make you sign in to the app. So before you learn how to sign up for YouTube Music know some of its amazing features.

Benefits of Using YouTube Music

You Will Get Videos Too

If you are thinking that YouTube Music is purely focused on music only then you are wrong. Being the biggest video site YouTube allows you to explore music videos too in their YouTube Music app.

How To Sign Up For YouTube Music

At the same time it will provide the experience that it is made for; pure audio service. This simply means you can choose from songs, playlists, albums etc. Moreover you are able to access YouTube’s catalogue of live performances, remixes, music videos, cover versions and more.  You can also enjoy desktop and mobile apps that are specifically designed keeping music playback in mind.

Ultimate Personal DJ

If you are the one who love to experiment with music or love to listen new songs then YouTube Music could be a great hub for you. It has thousands of themed playlists.

It gets more power when you let it access your location. So next time when you are in gym it will automatically recommend you some motivational or pump up music.

It Will Be A Freemium App

You don’t have to pay anything to enjoy YouTube Music service but you will be get interrupted by some ads. If you can bear then it is totally ok but if not then simply upgrade to its premium pack where you can enjoy features like downloads for offline playback, ad-free listening, background listening and more.

Free for Google Play Music Subscribers

If you are already a Google Play Music subscriber then you might be in dilemma whether to give a try to YouTube Music or not.

Well, the good news is you can use it for free if you are already a Google Play Music subscriber. Yes, you read it right. You don’t have to pay a single penny for it. Just install YouTube Music and enjoy uninterrupted music.

How To Sign Up For YouTube Music

So you are now aware of YouTube Music features now without any delay know how to sign up for YouTube Music. We promise you that you will not regret using it. If you are still not sure then there is no harm to give a try to its free version.

How to sign up from YouTube Music

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Type ‘YouTube Music’ in search bar
  • Install the app.
  • Launch the app and tap on Sign In button.
  • If you are using multiple Google account in your device then choose the one that you want to use with YouTube Music.
  • From the top right corner tap on profile icon.
  • Now tap on large GET YOUTUBE RED button then tap on TRY IT FREE button.
  • On next page it will ask you payment details, enter it. Once the payment procedure is done then simply tap on Let’s Go button.

That’s it you are done. Simple isn’t?

This is how you can easily sign up for YouTube Music. If you have any question in your mind then feel free to tell us by using below comment box .


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