So you have some very important data in your hard drive that is the reason why you are here, right? Well, don’t worry it is possible to repair the corrupted hard drive all you need to to follow some steps. As the date is very important, we recommend you to start with the basics or follow the tutorial serial wise don’t jump to any random section. You will love to do if you want to repair corrupted hard drive.

Check the Power Supply for External Hard Drive

The first thing you need to make sure about is power supply especially if you are using an external hard drive. In such case, it would be possible that hard drive is taking power from the USB port.

Unplug the hard drive then connect it again. This process might fix your hard drive. Your USB wire might not be working so try with another one. Apart from that make sure you haven’t disabled your USB ports.

There is some external hard drive which comes with a separate power supply, make sure it is working properly.

Check Internal Hard Drive

How to Repair Corrupted Hard Drive | Fix Corrupted Hard Disk

Now coming to checking internal hard drive then it is not, that easy. However if your system is showing internal hard drives then it simply means that there is nothing wrong with the power.

There are possibilities that your PC is not able to read the hard drive so in this case you need to try it with other PC. If it is working then you need to check other components of your PC which is raising problem.

You can simply reinstall hard drive drivers by going to This PC (right-click) > Manage > Device Manager. Right click on hard drive and click on Uninstall. Now restart the computer, it will fix the problem most of the time.

You can give one more try by changing the drive letter that are assigned to storage media to repair corrupted hard drive.

Go to This PC (right-click) > Manage > Disk Management. Right-click your hard drive and click Change Drive Letter and Paths….

Now click on the drive letter then click on Change. Select any random drive letter and click Ok. It will flash a warning that other programs might not work, click Yes on it. You will face problem if you change the letter of drive where Windows is installed. Generally C drive.

Check If There Are Any Errors

Windows has inbuilt feature that will help you to check errors for internal or external HDD, storage media etc. In many case Windows will ask you for scanning the drive when you connect any external drive to the system. If it is not asking then follow:

This PC > Drive (right-click) > Properties > Tools tab. Click Check.

The hard drives that we have on our laptops and systems integrated with hardware monitoring technology called S.M.A.R.T. The sad thing is Windows doesn’t have any app which can show you S.M.A.R.T. data  but still you can check overall status using Windows Management Instrumentation Command Line or WMIC. Give it a try.

  • Click on Start button and type CMD in it.
  • When list is open right click on CMD and select run as administrator
  • Type wmic and press enter
  • Type diskdrive get status and press enter

It will start showing you S.M.A.R.T. data. If it says OK then your hard drive is fine but if it is showing the status of not then you need to consider it seriously as it might get completely corrupted in near future.

Things become more complicated when you are using multiple hard drives. We are saying this because it doesn’t show the name.

If you are facing the same issue then simply use CrystalDiskInfo software which will show you all details about your hard drive like overall health, the number of start counts, temperature, total number of active hours and more.

How to Repiar Corrupted Hard Drive Using CMD and Other Tools

How to Repair Corrupted Hard Drive | Fix Corrupted Hard Disk

  • To begin Click on Start button and type CMD in it.
  • When list is open right click on CMD and select run as administrator

Type the following command in CMD window to start the error checking and fixing process. It works for both internal and external drives:

  • Chkdsk C:/F

C denotes the drive letter

To make the scan process more rigorous you can use commands like:

  • chkdsk C: /F /X /R


/X If required, it forces the volume to dismount before the scan.

/R Locates bad sectors and recovers readable data.

  • Press enter then press Y when system ask for restart.
  • Wait for sometime till it will finish finding errors and repair them.

Let us clear you first that chkdsk is not the solution which works always but yes most of the time it will surely help you out to repair corrupted hard drive that too without going through formatting process.

If it fails then obviously you need to format your hard disk but that is not what you are here for, right? But we still recommend you to save it as last resort other wise you will lose hard drive along with your data.

Quick format generally work but there is an option of full format which ensure you better satisfaction. In this situation all you need to do is just uncheck the Quick Format option. This process will take some time so have some patience.

Format an Internal Volume Using Disk Management

You can easily access the Diskpart tool via command prompt in Windows in order to repair corrupted hard drive. It is very similar to the process how you are formatting the flash drive or SD cards.

  • Click on Start button and type CMD in it.
  • When list is open right click on CMD and select run as administrator
  • Type diskpart and press enter.
  • Type list disk, it will show all storage media that is currently connected with your system.
  • Now type select disk X, X denotes to the number of disk you want to format.
  • Type clean then press enter to format all the data on the drive.

Now you need to create a new partition on the drive. To do so you need to enter following command:

  • create partition primary
  • Format the newly created partition with the following command:
  • format fs=ntfs

There are multiple ways to repair corrupted hard drive the solution depends on the scenario which you are currently facing. We have gave given multiple ways to repair corrupted hard drive. If any of method is not working for you then let us know in the below comment section.


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