Hey friends. Be aware from facebook virus. ‘Yeah..!!!  Its happens on live television’ like

this post are facebook virus. Hackers are posting some p0rn videos on your wall by your

name or by your friend’s name.


facebook virus
facebook virus



If you click them to open or to delete them they will posted on your wall also. So please share

this to all friends to aware them from this virus so they can prevent their a/c and remove

Facebook virus.


To protect your fb account from this virus  & to Remove Facebook Virus Change your facebook

password . Tell your friend about this. This is a link spam Facebook virus. You don’t see them but

your friends can see that post behalf of your name on their wall. Share this to protect yourself and

your friend from this Facebook virus.


If once you open this link then it will be posted on your all of friend’s wall without your permission.

May be you or your friend lost your facebook account due to this facebook virus. The world top

social networking site Facebook facing this problem ‘Facebook virus’ from last few weeks. But it is

spread-ed all over the world within few days.

You can remove Facebook virus through these simple steps


How to Remove Facebook virus:-

  • Go to Facebook Account
  • Then click Application Settings
  • In there it will show all your applications.
  • Click the blue X to Remove Facebook virus the application which is different from all

your applications.

  • Change your Facebook password.

These are very easy step for Facebook Virus Removal.


Be secure on Facebook, Turn on HTTPS to remove Facebook virus, Https is hyper text transfer

protocol service. Http with the SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure

identification of a network web server. It becomes difficult to hack your cookies by hackers. Then

your account will be safe. So be more secure on Facebook. Tell everyone to protect their account.


To know more about Facebook virus removal follow this link...



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  1. How to remove facebook virus – RoyalYouth | RoyalYouth…

    Hackers are posting some sexual video link on every once wall by their name without their permission,that it is Facebook virus. Know more about this and remove it from your wall….


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