How to increase traffic on website

So many of website designer or owner asked Me about how to increase traffic on website.

I personally feel that it is very easy to increase your website traffic but it depends upon

you. How much you work on your website and spend time on it.



Following tips by RoyalYouth may helps you to increase your website traffic-

increase traffic on website
increase traffic on website

1. Daily Updation

Daily update your website, it is initial requirment to increase traffic on website. This is the

most important factor which increase your website traffic. If you can’t do this , update your

website minimum interval of 2 to 3 days.


2. Quality is Everything-  

The quality of your content is very very important factor. People will come again and again

if you provide quality content. Don’t copy content from other sites.  Give Full and complete

information about the topic.


3. Related posts-

You can also use your old POSTS in which is related to your post. Or you can Show some few

posts as  ‘you may also like this’.


2.Do not use unwanted keywords, only use those keywords which is related to your topic. Use

only around  10-15 keywords for SEO. This will surely increase your website traffic.


4. Presentation of post or article must be in good form. Also work on layout, people like these



5. Register your website on search engine webmaster tool. Like Google webmaster,

Yahoo Webmaster or  Yahoo! Site Explore & Bing webmaster.


These webmaster helps you to know about your website stats, Through which you can

improve your website traffic...


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