If you have a slow internet connection and you are tired of it then you need to tweak some things that really increase your internet speed. We promise you that here you will not find things like tweaking IP address, change DNS server, CMD commands etc.

We know you will find them on other sites so here we tried to mention things which sounds small but in actual are responsible for increasing internet speed. These forgotten things help you to increase internet speed. So are you ready?

Ways to Increase Internet Speed

Try Different Modem or Router

Try Different Modem or Router

Most of us run after cheap modems as we think that internet speed depends on service provider but this is a half-truth. It is true that internet speed depends on the plans you pick but modem also plays a very important part.

If your modem is made up for poor quality and cheap then it is one of the biggest things which is responsible for bad internet speed.

You don’t need to scold the service provider for not getting the promised speed. All you need to do is change your modem and switch to any branded or reputable modem.

Consult your service provider before buying a modem and ask for the modem recommendation which fits perfectly with your plan.

Just make sure that your router is able to handle your current plan. Picking different modem really help you to increase internet speed.

For better understanding take an example of your system. If your PC or laptop has less RAM or low configuration then it is unable to handle multi-tasking, HD games, movies etc.

Scan for Virus or Malware

increase internet speed

If you think that your modem is advanced and compatible then you need to scan for viruses or malware in your system.

Virus or malware is one of the biggest reasons which not just affect your system speed but internet speed too.

There are various types of virus or malware which are specially coded to harm your system’s individual or many parts. These days most of virus or malware are coded for browsers.

You need to first detect what kind of virus your system has. One of the simple ways to detect virus is small observation. Yes, you read it right.

Try to run your computer without internet connectivity. If it runs smoothly then your system is clean. Now connect your system with internet and experience the internet on a different browser.

If any of particular browser doesn’t let you surf the internet in fast speed then you need to uninstall and then reinstall the browser. This is a working trick to increase internet speed.

Before doing anything we recommend you to scan your system using any antivirus software. If your problem still persists then as a last option reinstall the Windows again from scratch.

If possible make sure to clear all the data and install the Windows freshly but make sure to take a backup of your personal data like photos, passwords, videos etc.

Check Filters

increase internet speed

If you are using a connection which requires phone line then you need to check filters. You might be unaware of what I am talking about, right?

Well, you will find a small rectangular box in-between phone line and your internet line. Most people called it a splitter too. Anyways you need to change it and see if you see any difference.

As it is the one which acts as a medium of internet you need to change it as sometimes there is some manufacturing defect. Know that for a different type of internet different types of filter is needed.

Plug-in Instead Wi-Fi

increase internet speed

If you are running a slow internet connection and if you are using Wi-Fi then we recommend you to plug-in internet wiring especially if you are using the desktop.

Sometimes because of some range, problem Wi-Fi is not as effective as lined wire so make sure to give it a try.

Find and Remove External Interference

increase internet speed

Above we talked about Wi-Fi. If you don’t have any other option rather than using Wi-Fi then you might love to try this tip to increase internet speed. It is simple and working.

If your Wi-Fi router has been placed where you generally charge your electronic devices like iPhone, iPad or have speakers etc. then you need to keep such electronics away from your Wi-Fi modem or router.

Electromagnetic interference really affects the internet speed and it is guaranteed that you will find a great difference when you take away all electronics.

Hope above mentioned tips helps you to increase internet speed. If you think we have missed any point or you have any question then feel free to use below comment box.


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