500 internal server error is one of most common HTTP status code that tells you that there is something wrong in website’s server but sometimes it is not specific that problem is occurring because of the server. If you want to know everything about 500 Internal Server Error and ways to fix it then feel free to read the full article.

Types of 500 Error

You can see various types of server error message as one can easily customize the 500 error message. Here are different types of errors that you might see:

  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error
  • Temporary Error (500)
  • Internal Server Error
  • HTTP 500 Internal Error
  • 500 Error
  • HTTP Error 500
  • That’s an error

What is 500 Internal Server Error & How to Fix it?

Since a 500 internal server error is thrown by the website you are visiting, you will experience the error everywhere then its doesn’t matter you are opening the website in different OS, smartphone or another browser.

HTTP 500 Error Cause

As we have told you earlier that internal server error tell you that there is something wrong with the server.  Here we want to tell that ‘wrong’ generally means that there is something wrong in site’s coding or there is an issue with the page itself.

How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error

Hope you have understood the reason for error that is server-side error that simply means that there is no problem from the side of your computer or internet connection. It is also possible that there is something wrong with your side. In such a situation you need to follow the below guide:

The first and obvious thing that you want to do is reload or refresh the web page by pressing F5 or Ctrl+R. You can also try to copy the URL and paste it into another tab. Sometimes you don’t have to anything.  It will get fixed itself after some time.

Note: If you are facing 500 internal server error message during checkout at an online merchant then beware of using such page as you might end up with multiple orders and multiple charges. Most of the merchants have special protection to deal with such a situation, but you need to beware if you are facing any kind of such a problem.

Clear Your Browser’s Cookies

Clearing cookies will definitely work for you as when you visit any regular website it may showing up the older version. When you clear the cache of your browser, the website you are trying to open will run with any error.

Delete Your Browser’s Cookies

Sometimes you can fix the 500 internal server error by simply deleting the cookies. Yes, if you are facing the error frequently then try to delete the cookies. Now here the catch is you don’t have to delete all the cookies. Just delete the cookies of the respective site. After deleting the cookies don’t forget to restart the browser.

Troubleshoot as 504 Gateway Timeout

Let us first tell you that this is the thing that generally doesn’t happen commonly. You can follow this tutorial if you are not able to solve the 500 error. Know that sometimes website of webpage shows 500 error, but in real it might have 504 Gateway Timeout. You just need to troubleshoot as a 504 Gateway Timeout.

What is 500 Internal Server Error & How to Fix it?

Contact the Website Admin

Contacting the website admin is one of the best options. It is possible that the admin knows about the 500 error, but it is also possible that admin doesn’t know about the problem. In such scenario contacting to website admin will really work for you.

How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error in Your Own Website

If you are running a website then someday you will also face this problem as this is one of the common errors that should be faced by almost every webmaster.  We recommend you to read the steps even you don’t have any 500 error but if you are facing such problem then feel free to follow each step. There are many reasons that might show 500 error to your users, so let’s talk about the most common one.

Permission Error: Most of the time 500 Internal server error caused because of incorrect permission on files and folders. Most of the cases culprit is hiding behind CGI and PHP scripts. Know that the permission should set at 0755.

PHP Timeout: If you have scripts that are connected to external resources and that resources are limited then your website will face 500 error. You can reset the timeout rules or set better error handling codes in your script.

Coding Error in .htaccess: However this is not so common still we recommend you to check whether your .htaccess file is properly structured or not.

If you are running a website made on WordPress,  Drupal, Joomla or any other control management system then immediately contact your hosting provider. This is one of the fastest solutions that you can have.

More Ways to Check Internal Server Error

If you are running an Internet Explorer then you will find message ‘The website cannot display the page’ this is an indication that page is suffering from HTTP Internal Server Error. Another possibility is, it has 405 Method Not Allowed error. You can easily determine it by seeing in IE title bar whether it is showing 500 or 405 error.

What is 500 Internal Server Error & How to Fix it?

When Google Services like Google+ or Gmail face 500 internal server error, they show it is Temporary Error.  This kind of 500 error is not related to the website only, but it also happens when you update your Windows. If you see an error like WU_E_PT_HTTP_STATUS_SERVER_ERROR message or as the 0x8024401F error code. Apart from that if you are using any website that runs on Microsoft IIS, then you need to check the below table to understand the error messages more specifically.

500.0 Module or ISAPI error occurred.
500.11 Application is shutting down on the web server.
500.12 Application is busy restarting on the web server.
500.13 Web server is too busy.
500.15 Direct requests for Global.asax are not allowed.
500.19 Configuration data is invalid.
500.21 Module not recognized.
500.22 An ASP.NET httpModules configuration does not apply in Managed Pipeline mode.
500.23 An ASP.NET httpHandlers configuration does not apply in Managed Pipeline mode.
500.24 An ASP.NET impersonation configuration does not apply in Managed Pipeline mode.
500.50 A rewrite error occurred during RQ_BEGIN_REQUEST notification handling. A configuration or inbound rule execution error occurred.
500.51 A rewrite error occurred during GL_PRE_BEGIN_REQUEST notification handling. A global configuration or global rule execution error occurred.
500.52 A rewrite error occurred during RQ_SEND_RESPONSE notification handling. An outbound rule execution occurred.
500.53 A rewrite error occurred during RQ_RELEASE_REQUEST_STATE notification handling. An outbound rule execution error occurred. The rule is configured to be executed before the output user cache gets updated.
500.100 Internal ASP error.

So this is all about 500 internal server error and ways o fix it. If you have any question in your mind, then feel free to tell us in below comment section.


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