After designing your website there is a need of a beautiful, simple and attractive logo for your website.

There are several reasons for having a logo for your website. A logo is the identity and foundation of

your website or brand. Website logo appears only on the top of your website, it increase the quality

of your website and give a unique message to the visitors of the website.

An attractive and professional logo sticks into the mind of people and provide a  professional image on

Internet world. Sometimes people identify your website with your attractive logo and it also makes

people to visit your website regularly.


 Before designing a logo for your website you must remember the following things-


  • Your logo must be simple, good looking and professional
  • Your Logo must have the property of uniqueness and originality
  • Try to design your logo for your website not for your visitors
  • Your logo must be memorable to your visitors
  • Do not use complex and Raster images in your logo
  • Use proper font in your logo, don’t use too many fonts in your logo maximum two fonts are enough
  • Always remember do not copy logos from other websites.



Ways to get a logo for website:

  1. Designing your Website logo by yourself 



The design and look of a self designed logo depends on your own creativity, you can take help of

your friends and parents. Also you can learn it from online tutorials and resources provided on

the internet. The benefit of this method is that you know your purpose of design your logo. It also

saves your money. The drawback of this method is your logo did not have a professional quality.


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2. You can buy a Premade Logo

If you are not interested in design your logo by yourself then you can buy a premade

logo. There are so many websites providing Premade logos.  For example-

You can visit these websites and select logo of your own choice and order them by informing your

website name and tag.

3. You can organize a Logo Design Contest

It is a professional method for designing a logo for your website. Some website follows this technique

for designing their logos for example- Basically you organize a contest by specifying

your need, which kind of logo you needed for your website and offer some prize money for the winner.

The advantage of this technique is that you have so many options to select your logo.


4. You can hire an experienced Logo Designer

This is the traditional method for designing a logo for your website. In this you simply hire a professional Logo Designer to design a logo for your website according to your needs. But the main disadvantage of this technique is, you have to pay large amount of money to the logo designer on the basis of you design.