It seems that you’ve found something better than Google. However, that is very difficult because Google is providing lots of services which are amazing like Android, Gmail, Search Engine, and more. If you have still decided to delete Google account permanently then let us know that it is possible but know that you would suffer from huge data loss which can’t recover at any cost. Before knowing about how to delete Google account permanently it is better to clear some questions.

Why Do You Need to Delete Your Google Account?

  1. First, people are concerned about their privacy. Companies like Google, Facebook, etc. have a horrible reputation for leaking personal data. So if you do not want to share your personal data then you can consider deleting your Google account permanently.

  2. The second reason could be your account is breached or compromised, and you want to shift to the new ID.

  3. The third reason could be personal. Well, whatever the reason it is your responsibility to take a proper backup of your data so you will not regret later.

How to Delete Google Account Permanently


What Will You Lose When You Delete Google Account Permanently?

You can delete your Google account anytime, but the thing that you need to keep in mind is you are not able to recover multiple things like:

You will lose all the data that is associated with your Google account like files, emails, photos, calendars, etc. You won’t be able to use Google services where you used your Google credentials like Drive, Calendar, Play, Gmail, etc.

You will lose all the subscription that you’ve purchased using your account on YouTube or Google Play like movies, music, apps, TV shows, games, etc. You will lose all the data saved on Chrome like bookmarks, passwords, extensions.

Well, one of the biggest negative point of deleting your Google account is, you will lose your associated gmail account as well. Google will permanently delete Gmail associated with it.  Your Gmail address can’t be reached. It will not be available for you or anyone.

If You Use an Android Device

As you know that your Android device is associated with Google account you will lose following things:

Google Play:

You won’t be able to get any updates of games or app from Play Store. You won’t be able to use movies, music, magazines, or books you purchased. You’ll lose your game achievements, progress and other Google Play data associated with your account.

How to Delete Google Account Permanently


You will lose all the contacts that are stored in your Google account.


Data will not be backed up on Drive. Moreover, you are not able to download upload files.

If You Use a Chromebook

You won’t be able to use any Chrome Apps or extension.

Backup your data

You need first to review your account and download all the data that you need Above link lets you choose which data you want to download or not. After choosing the data click Next and choose your archive’s ‘File Type.’

If you are using Gmail address for social media, online banking, etc. then before deleting your account add a new email address for them.

Backup all your data before any further process download and save it in HARD DRIVE, USB FLASH DRIVE, CD OR DVD. Because sometimes it is good to keep a backup of your important data.

Steps to Delete Google Account Permanently

Once you ensure about all the data and recovery option. Then use all the setups mentioned below to delete Google account permanently.

  1. To delete your Google account sign in into your Gmail Account. how to delete google account permanently
  2. Click the Google account icon.

how to delete google account.3. Click on “Delete Google Account and Data” option.

how to permanently delete google account4. Then again enter your password and click “Sign in”.

delete google account

5. Then scroll at the end & read carefully and mark tick on the two boxes below confirming you want to delete your Account. Now click on “DELETE ACCOUNT” and your Account will be deleted with your all Data.  

permanently delete google account

Once you’ve deleted your Account you may be able to recover your Google account but not be able to recover the data in your account.

Recover Deleted Account

Some steps to recover your Google Account:

  1. You’ll be asked some questions to confirm it is your account like the last know Password, answer to security questions, recovery mail etc.
  2. If your Account is recovered then create a strong password which you never used before.

So this is how you can delete your Google account and thereafter if needed recover also. If you need any help, then let us know in the below comment section.


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