Want to Get back Facebook old profile ..? The Facebook timeline is new for all Facebook

users. It gives your profile to magazine style look. Many FB users don’t like timeline &

they want to use their Facebook old profile. People don’t know how to activate &

how to de-activate Facebook timeline .


If you don’t like Facebook  timeline then you can deactivate Facebook timeline or

disable this app of Facebook  timeline. It is very easy to deactivate timeline and get

back to your Facebook old profile. Simply just follow these steps to get back

Facebook old profile.


Steps to deactivate Facebook timeline and get back Facebook old profile-


To deactivate facebook timeline Open the Facebook Developers  and click on edit app.


deactivate facebook timeline
how to deactivate timeline


On the left sidebar you see delete app link.



delete facebook deactivate timeline
delete facebook deactivate timeline


  • As shown in above image,  now click to confirm to delete Facebook timeline

app or to deactivate Facebook timeline. Once you confirm to delete your Timeline this

app will be deleted.


Your Facebook Timeline App is deleted and you get your Facebook old profile back.

If you want to active the facebook Timeline again then create the facebook Timeline



This method of ”how to deactivate facebook timeline” is only work for those users who

created their Facebook Timeline app before its release. Now you can not deactivate

Facebook timeline app as Mark Zuckerberg said to it will compulsory for all users. But

still you can deactivate Facebook timeline for yourself only but others can see your



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How to deactivate Facebook timeline and Get old Facebook Profile Back


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