Now every day you can see lots of changes in facebook. As world’s top social networking

website facebook providing its users to latest features. Timeline is the new feature or the

new way of telling story to your friend. But most of Facebook users don’t like it. they want to

deactivate facebook timeline profile.  it was released with so many features for everyone &

now it is compulsory and available for all to use Timeline. Using it you change Facebook

timeline profile outlook and so many other things.



But now so many people hate timeline and want to deactivate facebook timeline profile. Earlier

Timeline was an app by developer but now it is a part facebook. You don’t have to add or delete

 any app to activate or deactivate Facebook timeline inprofile. So many people asked me

 “how to deactivate timeline in Facebook.” But there is no way that you can disable timeline

 Facebook. When it was released you can easily deactivate Facebook timeline by deleting the app.

But now it is not possible for anyone to remove Facebook timeline.


deactivate Timeline
deactivate Timeline


But there is an alternative option is available to get old facebook profile back as you

cannot remove facebook timeline permanently. As on my last post I wrote the steps of how to

deactivate facebook timeline was not working anymore. So now I providing some other methods

through which you can deactivate Facebook timeline and enjoy your old fb profile.




Alternative methods to deactivate Facebook Timeline –

Thereare different methods for different browsers users. Follow these steps according to browser you

are using. You have to download and install extension to deactivate facebook timeline according to

your browser (which you are using).

For Google Chrome Browser Users-

Open your facebook & Check this.

For Mozilla Firefox Browser Users-

Now install the extension to your browser And get old facebook profile back


remove facebook timeline


For Internet Explorer Browser Users-

For those who are using safari browser, to deactivate timeline “Timeline Remove” are developing the

extensions to deactivate facebook timeline. Or you can directly download all this from Timeline Remove

website according to your browser.


  [stextbox id=”info”] These files are not working more. You have to Update your extension. [/stextbox]

After this facebook timeline deactivate only for you, others can see your Timeline. It is

an alternative method because no one can remove Facebook timeline...


If you want to deactivate Facebook timeline then use these methods and also share this to your friends.



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