How to Hide Friends List on Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline is new for Every one. People will take their time to understand and

to familiar with Facebook Timeline. Hiding friends on Facebook is not tough task, it is

Very simple for everybody to hide friend list on Facebook. You can remove friends list

facebook Timeline by hiding it.


you can easily hide friends list on Facebook timeline , You can also hide mutual friends

list on Facebook.


Follow these steps by RoyalYouth to hide friend list on Facebook Timeline:

  1. Go to Facebook
  2. Login your Facebook account then
  3. Click on your Facebook profile on top right corner.
  4. Now click on friends as shown in image.













You can see your all friends list here.

5.Click on Edit button to hide friends list.











You can now choose as per your requirement, who can see your friends list on

Facebook timeline.

6. To hide friends list on Facebook timeline click on only me...



hide friends list
hide friends list









You can choose it  to hide friends list only for your friends or for your custom ( few)

friends according to your preference. For youth the design of timeline is very awesome.

So Many users not like this Facebook timeline & they want to get old Facebook profile back .


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