Maximum of internet users all over the world use Gmail

for an email service. Google changes its popular mailing

website Gmail’s look. They redesign their Gmail look.

In Gmail new look so many new features are added to

improve its ease to use or to its royal design. Now you

can change the size of your Gmail window and you

can now adjust the size of chat area & labels as you want.


gmail new look
gmail new look

In Gmail new look all themes are royal and really awesome. they updated new high definition themes.

The conversations mail design has redesigned to improve readability.

For easy to know who are mailing, you can also add profile picture.

If you are searching your any old or important mail then it is now easy in new Gmail to find your mail.

They updated mail search box. The new search box makes it easy to find your mails.

Now you can also filter your searches in mail search box. The new gear icon is there in Gmail


new look for any settings like change theme or its size.

gmail new look
gmail new look


So many new icons are added in contacts. In top left side they added new mail,

contacts and task icon. You can now adjust the left side bar of your Gmail to view

your draft, sent items etc by scrolling it up and down.


If you check your any mail you can easily see that the new icon

they changed above your mail which is looking great.

The Gmail new look is activated for all its users. If you wants to change this new look to old one,

you can easily switch it to old look.

Hope you will enjoy the new look of Gmail...

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