As we continue to see an increase of gaming fans using their smartphone as a gaming console, we’re likely to see gaming trends evolving to include smartphone gamers. Here are some of the biggest smartphone gaming trends of 2018.

Gaming On Smartphones

More Console-Quality Games

If you’re a hardcore gamer, your perfect day might consist of staying at home and playing on your favorite console but busy schedules often interfere with getting good quality gaming time. Thanks to improved graphics and overall gaming design, you can spend more time gaming from your smartphone while you’re on the go or taking a break at work.


Some favorite console quality games include Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG, but there are dozens of games that are released every few months that have console quality graphics and sound; some of the features are so great that you might forget that you’re playing on your smartphone.

AR Games

In 2016, Pokémon Go was one of the most popular mobile games of the year. Not only did it force millions of gamers to get about and move around, but it changed the way that people looked at online gaming with Augmented Reality (AR).

Even though the hype of Pokémon Go calmed after the first year, it’s still a popular game, and more AR games are released every year, like Nightfall AR and My Tamagotchi Forever AR. You can expect to more AR titles released, and it may take a little trial and error, but there should be at least a few worth titles to check out.

More Gaming Options

If you search your app store, there are hundreds of games to check out; some are high-quality, others are good for only one play, and others are full of glitches. Since online gaming is becoming more popular, games developers are focusing on improving games and offering more choices.

Whether you’re a casino game fan and need to check out bingo rules or you want to play a multiplayer game while on the go, your options of high-quality games will continue to grow.

Phone Design For Better Gaming

Smartphone design has come a long way, and if you’ve stayed on top of the design trends, you may have noticed that the phones themselves have become larger, the memory has improved, and there are bigger screens, which means better game play.

One trend you may notice more often in 2018, and subsequent years, are the notches in smartphones. If you have a new phone, there’s a good chance you have a notch at the top of your screen which houses the camera, speaker, and other sensors.

Although the arrival of the notch has mixed reviews, it does allow a larger display, 19:9 ratio, which is ideal for watching movies and online gaming.

Again, as we mentioned earlier, as game developers and even phone manufacturers start paying more attention to the needs and wants of mobile gamers, smartphone design and features will continue to improve and become more gaming friendly.


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