How many of you know that there are sites out there that are purely designed for free image hosting. If you are looking for such websites then you are in luck as here we have gathered top 10 best free image hosting sites to upload and save photos online. Check the list and try all of them after all they all are free.

Top 10 Best Free Image Hosting Sites


Top 10 Best Free Image Hosting Sites

If you spent lots of time in Reddit then definitely you know about Imgur. For Reddit users, Imgur is one of the favorite free image hosting site, especially for the social new community. The best thing is you don’t even have to signup for the free account. You are allowed to upload your favorite photos without compromising with the quality within a blink of an eye.

Via a unique URL, your images from your phone or PC can be uploaded to Imgur or within the Imgur community itself. You can also install the official Imgur app to use it on your smartphone.

Imgur is best for uploading photos and GIFs generated from videos. You can share them online anywhere without compromising quality. You can upload a normal photo that has maximum 20 MB size and GIFs can be uploaded up to 200 MB size.

Google Photos

Google Photos

If you are using Android then technically you might use it as by default your photos has been synced to Google Photos. It is a notable one of the best free image hosting sites to upload. The main USP of Google Photos is its powerful automatic backup feature. As we assume that most of the people reading this have a Google account. If yes then you can easily set up your account without any hassle.

To access it on the web simply go to if you don’t have an app in your Android then download its app from Play Store. This will automatically upload your photos on the cloud that simply means you can access your photos from anywhere on any device.

Google Photos also help you to edit your photos. Moreover organize your photos according to things, people, places and more. In beginning, it starts learning from your habits and after a few weeks its start organizing things automatically.

You would love to use because of the automatic backup feature. Best for uploading a number of high-quality photos. IN Google Photos you can also upload 1080p HD videos. In terms of storage, you will get unlimited free storage for photos that you click via smartphone and point and shoot camera that have a capacity of 16 MP or less.


Top 10 Best Free Image Hosting Sites

Flickr is quite a famous name in the photo world. Without this name, our top 10 best free image hosting sites to upload might be incomplete. It is one of the top photo-sharing social network sites. Apart from a free image hosting it offers a decent amount of editing tools that help you to perfect your photos before you organizing them in albums.

Flickr let you change your privacy settings especially if you want to restrict your photos among the selected audience. Apart from that, you are allowed to upload photos from the various platform for instance from mobile, web, email, or other photo services. You would love to enjoy using its official app that is loaded with tons of quality feature.

Flickr Uploader tool lets you make backup your photos from Apple iPhoto, Dropbox, computer and other places. Now coming to storage then it offers whopping 1 TB of free storage.


Top 10 Best Free Image Hosting Sites

You might don’t heard about 500px but it is a very popular social networking site among photographers. They prefer to choose this platform to share their amazing photography. In comparison to an above best free image hosting sites this may disappoint you as it may not provide you what you are here for but if you are a photographer then you definitely want to use it.

To use 500px you need to create a free profile so you can share your photos. Apart from that if you buy its premium version then you will get a separate portfolio where you can show your work. It also lets you embed your photo on the website. A free member is allowed to upload maximum 20 photos in a week but when you purchase its annual membership at $25 annually you can upload unlimited photos.


Top 10 Best Free Image Hosting Sites

Hope you heard about Dropbox. It is a free cloud storage provider that is also one of the best free image hosting sites. Apart from photos, it let you upload various file formats. If you want to share your photos with others then you will get a shareable link for single photo or folder.

Dropbox has an app too that help you to upload your photos directly from your mobile or tablet. It is one basic but amazing feature when you tap on the arrow beside any file it makes it available for offline watch. It gives you a storage size of 2 GB that you can expand either by upgrading it or simply recommend to your friends.

Free Image Hosting

Here is another great site for sharing photos. Free Image Hosting is much similar to Imgur but it doesn’t have any convenient hyperlink shorter or trendy layout. However, it has some irritating ads all over the site. Anyways you don’t have to create an account in this site to upload images. When you upload an image it will provide an HTML code to a direct link that helps you to share your image easily.

If you think that Free Image Hosting will delete your photo after some time especially when you are uploading it without signing up then know that your photos store on site for a lifetime as long its don’t void terms of service. You are allowed to upload up to 3000 KB per photo.



Similar to Free Image Hosting and Imgur TinyPic let their user to upload a photo and share them in fast and a simple way without creating any account. TinyPic is a product of Photobucket. Just pick the file you want to upload, add some tags, set preferred size and you are done.

It will provide you a link that you can share anywhere. Tags help the TinyPic user to find your photo. Know that unlike Free Image Hosting your photos and videos will be deleted after 90 days if they don’t belong to any account. You are not allowed to upload 1600px for both height and width photo and the file size limit is 100 MB. Talking about videos then you can upload videos up to 5-minute length.



PostImage is again one of the best free image hosting sites. like the above ones here also you don’t need to create an account. When you upload a photo you are allowed to resize the photo. Moreover, you also have an option to delete the photo from their server after 1 day, 7 days, 31 days or never.

PostImage is widely famous among forum users as it comes with a simple but powerful image upload mod that forum user can install and use. It let you upload multiple images simultaneously and you can resize them for avatar use, web, message boards, or computer monitors.



ImageShack is a premium service that comes with a free 30-day trial that let you check all its premium features. ImageShack has a great interface that reminds you of Pinterest, in short, it has a pinboard-style layout. It let you upload high-resolution photos, organize them with tags, creates albums, and discover other photos.

If you don’t want to publicize your images then simply change the privacy settings. It let you share a single photo or album with your friends. It has various applications that help you to get the best from your photos. If you are the one who is looking photo solution for business purpose then ImageShack is the best option for you.


Top 10 Best Free Image Hosting Sites

ImageVenue is last recommendation in our exclusive top 10 best free image hosting sites list. It let you upload JPEG images up to 3 MB size. You can also use this service to resizing images without losing out the quality and aspect ratio. ImageVenue is pretty famous among message board users, eBay selling, and bloggers. Per month you will get 3 MB of storage.

Hope you like our list. If you know any other free image hosting sites then feel free to tell us in the below comment box.


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