Windows is one of the most popular OS. If believe in data that more than 95% of users prefer to use Windows over Mac, Linux, Ubuntu and other OS. One of the biggest reason for this is user-friendly usage. Various devices like mouse, graphic cars, keyword etc. give Windows OS more power. Now when we talk about such external device they are working efficiently because of suitable drivers. This makes drivers really important and you need to keep your driver up to date. Today we will tell you about 7 best free driver updaters tools that you would love to use in order to update your drivers. Before you know them to make sure to know everything about drivers.

What is Driver?

When you add any external hardware like printer, keyboard, mouse, Bluetooth, graphic card etc. to your system it needs driver software so your system can recognize the respective hardware and function accordingly.

For instance, when you plug in mouse or keyboard for the first time you will notice a quick bubble notification that says installing the driver. Until the driver gets successfully installed you can’t perform any action. Without the driver, your system is not able to differentiate between external devices.

Why You Need to Keep Drivers Updated?

All external hardware manufacturers try their best so that their hardware will not fail to perform any action in the middle of something. They ensure that the driver they provide should work with the systems efficiently. Now you might be thinking when you have installed the hardware once why you need to update it as you don’t make any system or hardware change.

Yes, it is true. You don’t need to update the driver or it doesn’t come with any expiry date but you need to update driver because the new update will help your hardware to work more efficiently. Existing one might have some bugs that you might not have noticed but in future, it might create a problem so it is better and advisable to update drives from time to time.

What is Driver Updaters?

Driver updater is a special software that helps the drivers stay up to date. These updaters also check for any outdated or corrupt drivers. After recognizing the odd one they either fix them or update it with latest one. Driver software makes sure that your hardware don’t stop working unexpectedly. Apart from that updaters are able to handle functions that you might don’t want to check manually.

7 Best Free Driver Updaters Tools in 2018

Driver Booster

7 Best Free Driver Updaters Tools in 2018

Driver Booster is one of the best free driver updaters tools in the list. The best thing is it is compatible with all Windows version. Using this software you are allowed to schedule an automatic scan for outdated drivers. Some software just tells you about any new update and guide you to update them separately but that is not the case with Driver Booster as you can update the driver without leaving the software.

It also shows you the version comparison so you can decide whether to update the driver or leave as it is. Before installing any driver it automatically creates restore point that is one of the wise things as if something goes wrong with the installation you can easily recover your system.

Winzip Driver Updater

Winzip Driver Updater

Winzip Driver Updater is developed by famous Winzip system tools. This updater ensures that your system will not face any problem when you update any driver. Like the above one Winzip Driver Updater also scans your system and detects the outdated drivers. While scanning you have an option to update the driver immediately or after some time. The developer of this software claims that Winzip Driver Updater actually helps your system function faster.

Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater is a great updater software form Systweak Software. It is a small software that obviously helps you with updating your driver but what more you will get. After installing the software you just need to scan your system. It will find the outdated driver and ask for your permission to update them.

Apart from this Advanced Driver Updater let you take backup of all of the system drivers that you can restore anytime you want. Another great thing is Advanced Driver Updater available in multiple languages like Spanish, French, Italian and more. it is compatible with all Windows version.

Driver Talent

7 Best Free Driver Updaters Tools in 2018

Driver Talent is another great suggestion in our 7 best free driver updaters tools in 2018 list. Earlier it is known as DriveTheLife. It is one of the simplest and easy to use driver updater in the list. It let you download drivers right from the software, no need to download them separately from the internet.

Driver Talent not just find missing or outdated driver but it also fixes the corrupt drivers too. Like most of the above updaters, it also makes a backup of all drivers. Before you download any driver it shows you important info like the size of the driver, release date, and version number. It alternate version is also available that works with your network drivers and works offline.

Driver Easy

7 Best Free Driver Updaters Tools in 2018

Driver Easy is again simple but powerful updaters in our list of 7 best free driver updaters tools in 2018. It finds missing and outdated drivers without any effort. When it finds it you can easily update them with one click. Apart from this Driver Easy let you make backup and restore drivers.

It is compatible with all Windows OS versions. Though it is a paid version but we consider it in our free list as it is worth. You can try its free version and after getting satisfied you can buy it.

Free Driver Scout

Free Driver Scout

Free Driver Scout is cool driver updater that you love to try. It automatically scans the system, finds the outdated drivers, updates them and installs them automatically. You don’t have to play any role here that is where it is different from other software listed here in free driver updaters tools. You can exclude the device drivers from the scan. Like above tools, Free Driver Scout is able to make backup and restore drivers.

Driver Reviver

7 Best Free Driver Updaters Tools in 2018

Driver Reviver works exactly like its name. It is developed by ReviverSoft. It helps you to find the outdated driver and with a single click, you can update them. You can completely trust on this software as it doesn’t let you download any faulty or infected driver. Driver Reviver is easy to use software that you definitely want to give a try.

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