Without an app smartphone is nothing. If you understand this then probably you keep downloading unnecessary apps. To save you from this we have free best Android apps for you.

Top 10 Free Best Android Apps

Nova Launcher

Download Nova Launcher

Top 10 Free Best Android Apps

If you love to use launchers then it is not possible that you haven’t heard about Nova Launcher. When talking about best launchers for Android then Nova Launcher always on the top.

One of the biggest reasons why it getting so much love is its smoothness and light weightiness apart from it Nova Launcher comes with tons of customization options.

You can customize your phone daily as there are thousands of icon packs available in Play Store

If you are already using Nova Launcher then know that it will let you customize app drawer, this feature is recently updated so if you didn’t give it a try then immediately update the app and get hands on it.

It has notification badges, scrollable dock, icon, and folder customization, moreover, it also comes with a dozen gestures. Nova Launcher is free to download.

Its premium version comes with additional features that you will love to try.

Google Assistant

Download Google Assistant

Google Assistant

If you are using Android smartphone then you have Google Assistant as the stock app. If you still didn’t check it out or you have not installed it yet in case you don’t have Google Assistant in your smartphone then let us tell you that you are missing half of the power of Android.

Google Assistant is an artificial assistant much like Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa developed by Google Inc. Google Assistant allows you to communicate, navigate, and more.

It is available for both Android and iOS. Generally, you can make calls, control music, open any apps, set alarms, find any location or info in Google, check emails, live score, post status on Facebook or Twitter and much more just by giving voice commands.

No matter what kind or version of Android you are using it is simply available everywhere.


Download Swiftkey


Looking for a keyboard for your Android smartphone? Here is one of the best keyboard which you love to try. Swiftkey is currently one of the fastest downloaded keyboards in Play Store.

It is been downloaded over 100 million times. So what makes Swiftkey different from others?

Well, it is integrated with artificial intelligence. In simple words, it predicts what you want to type and before you type any word it shows you in suggestion bar.

This simply saves your lots of time. When you install it don’t feel disappointed for first few days as it needs some days to learn your typing style and intentions.

Apart from it Swiftkey features gesture typing and autocorrects for faster input. Moreover, it comes with inbuilt GIF search engine that let you search cool GIFs.

For bilingual folks, it is a perfect keyboard. Additional USP of Swiftkey is a wide range of themes.

If you are concerned about your security then know that Swiftkey does not store any sensitive data like passwords, credit or debit card numbers etc.

If you really want to take your typing experience to another level then you would really need to try Swiftkey once and it is guaranteed that you will not uninstall it.

Google Duo

Download Google Duo

Google Duo

After so many video calling apps in market Google also decides to come up with its own hand-crafted video calling app and the result is Google Duo.

Unlike other video calling apps, Google Duo comes with a really simple interface. Google is famous for its simplicity and you can feel the same in Google Duo.

It let you make instant video calls like a standard phone call. It features a unique “Knock Knock” feature which let you get a live preview of the caller before you pick up the call. Google Duo is available for both Android and iOS.


Download Evernote


Hope you have heard a lot about Evernote but if you keep yourself away from it just by thinking it is just a simple note-taking app then this is the right time to give this app a try. Evernote is much more than a simple note-taking app.

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps. It is a powerful cross-platform utility app to take notes in a number of formats like photos, text, video, audio, sketches and more.

If you want to simplify your hectic schedule then Evernote can do it for you seamlessly. To facilitate your workflow you can sync Evernote across devices.

Evernote also features widgets which let you quickly look at your notes. If you really are really serious about managing your tasks and schedule then this is a must-have app for you.

WPS Office +PDF

Download WPS Office +PDF

WPS Office +PDF

WPS Office +PDF is one of the most popular office suites. Most of us generally install MS Office because we use it on our systems. Well, there is nothing wrong with it but let us tell you that Android version of MS Office is bit heavy.

If you are already comfortable with it then there is no problem but if you are looking for an alternative then feel free to give a try to WPS Office +PDF.

The great thing is WPS Office is fully compatible with MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Moreover, with this app, you can manage and create PDF, spreadsheets, Google docs, presentations, memo and more. Want more?

WPS Office +PDF loaded with features like free PDF converter, editor, reader, along with data encryption, multi-window mode, file sharing ability, and more.

It is easy to use and this app will automatically save all your files and progress to the Cloud Drive. Perfect Android office app, isn’t?

Google News & Weather

Download Google News & Weather

Google News & Weather

If you love to stay up to date with weather conditions then let us introduce you to one of the weather apps in our free best Android apps list.

Google News & Weather is the perfect app for knowing accurate weather information and prediction.

That’s not it Google News & Weather also keep you updated with the latest news as its name suggest.

It asks for your location access after giving this app your location access it will start giving you local weather and news.

For better user experience Google News & Weather users AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) along with a widget support.

ES File Manager

Download ES File Manager

ES File Manager

ES File Manager is without any doubt one of the most popular file managers. Perhaps you are already using it. If not then continue reading about its amazing features.

ES File Manager has Space Analyzer feature in app’s home screen which let you figure out the files which consume your most of memory.

You can then delete the unnecessary large files. Moreover, you can share your files too using WiFi. ES File Manager also comes with built-in App Manager from where you can take backup of your apps or uninstall them.

If your device is rooted then ES File Manager is a must-have app for you as it gives more privilege to a rooted device.

Because of such powerful and advanced features, ES File Manager is one of the best Android apps for your smartphone.

Google Drive

Download Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a reliable and most trusted cloud storage service in the world. Google Drive is one of the best Android apps for you because it let you access your files from any device, anytime and anywhere.

The best thing is it is free to use. Google Drive let you browse folders, files, and edit, move, rename, download, print, delete them easily without any hesitation.

We list the Google Drive in free best Android apps list because it has loads of feature which let you perform the desired task with a snap of a finger.

It is integrated with Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets which help you to create and edit documents, forms, presentations, spreadsheets etc. on the go.

Google Drive let you access 15 GB of space free of cost across Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. If somehow you want more space then simply go with a premium plan which is too affordable.


Download WhatsApp


There are many instant messaging apps available for Android, iOS, and other platforms but no one can beat the WhatsApp.

We can’t resist yourself adding WhatsApp in free best Android apps list despite knowing the fact that 99% of people reading this already have this app.

If you are still the one who didn’t have this app in your smartphone then it is a worthy app that you would love to use on daily basis. WhatsApp let you send text, videos, voice messages, images, links, location, and more.

It is also famous for making video calls. It uses end to end encryption security system which makes it one of the best Android apps.


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