In this post, I’m going to tell you about the features of Wi-Fi Manager for Android Smartphones.  Nowadays almost all android phones around in the market have Wi-Fi support. So, managing all the Wireless networks in the public places would be a smart choice. So, today I would write about this Android App named as Wi-Fi Manager for Android, lets you manage all Wi-Fi connectivity and tweaks on your Android phone.

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Wi-Fi Manager for Android

It is a rather a great app to find, connect and arrange all those wireless networks around you. Wi-Fi manager for Android phones allow you to see the Connection quality and signal strength around you, and would show all aspects about a specific wireless network on virtual radar, that would do it all. This app has a great graphical interface, and it is user friendly too. Means, Wi-Fi manager for Android is very easy to use and operate.

So, let’s have a look on its functions and options you will get in this Wi-Fi manager for Android App.

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 Wi-Fi Manager for Android

Features of Wi-Fi Manager for Android

Network Signals

Check boxes are displayed in front of the network you are connected too. The blue shields are security enabled networks, and the star networks are the networks which are open for public, as such there is no required password to access it.

Adding the Networks Manually

Apart from this, you could also sort from the available networks on grounds of strength, security and speed also. Then you could also choose between the networks which is the best suitable for you.

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 Wi-Fi Manager for Android

Other Features

Apart from choosing between various networks, you could also set specific images and icons to specific Wireless Networks, so that you could easily identify them. Wi-Fi manager for Android phone App would let you switch between fixed and dynamic, Dynamic Host Control Protocol, IP addresses. Also, one could easily swap between the various wireless networks according to your need, by just a single tap on the screen, by built in Network Switcher widget.

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So, this Wi-Fi manager for Android App really helps you to manage Wireless Networks that are available around your phone. And choose between various networks and choose the best that suits you, like choosing the network with the strongest signal. I hope this helps, you to manage all your Networks more effectively and easily. 🙂

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