Features of Google Chrome In this post I’m going to tell you some awesome Features of Google Chrome. Well, almost everyone has used Chrome once and for all. Some like it, some not. So for the regular users, if I say you still do not know about these features of Google chrome. How would you feel? Yes, so here is a list of features you could see, that your chrome could do for you, instead they many of them may be cool Google tricks to flaunt you. 🙂

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Features of Google Chrome

1) Generating Password

Haven’t heard of Chrome flags?  Just type in chrome:// flags in the search bar and you will be presented a list of some really cool Google tricks that you could do with your Chrome. But some only will work, but if you’re lucky may be all could do. If you’re a windows user, the flag could generate passwords for you, when you are about to open new accounts. Just go to that flog site and find “Enable Password Generation”. This is the one of the best features of Google Chrome.

Features of Google Chrome

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2) Improvising Reddit

This is another awesome features of Google Chrome. Yes you could also improve your experience with Reddit on your Google Chrome. Just try the Reddit Companion App, this would add an info bar to your browser and you could view and vote comments as well. Also you could an app called Threaddit and it would help you to organize threads effectively.

Features of Google Chrome

3) Save Stories For Later

A busy guy eh? You generally find yourself into trouble when you would like to read an article or stuff, may be check out a link, but are running out of time. Or rather are too busy to do it. So why leave your tabs cluttered and mess up the Chrome. Just get this app named as Pocket, the button would drop down in to the right corner and hence allow you to store stories and links for later reference, and save you from that mess you create while following your will to read that stuff.

Features of Google Chrome

4) Chat Manager

The fourth and the last best features of Google Chrome is Chat Manager. Consolidate all your Chats, namely Gtalk, Facebook, Instant Messenger and even SMS in one tab. Here is talk to the rescue. It would make it easy to hop off and hop on to switch between different chats at the same time without any delay. Talk to many people who belong to different groups, as in Family, Co-Workers, and Friends in the same very Window. Isn’t that great? It really smoothens the process, no longer delays it ALL IN ONE chat buddy I’d love to have.

Features of Google Chrome

So these were some of the things you didn’t know that your Chrome could do for you. These are more like Cool Google stuff, saying and making your life easier and integrated too. These are the best and unique features of Google Chrome. Hope you liked it 🙂

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