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Facebook apps for Windows 8Microsoft has been a well known giant and has offered a number

of programs and applications. Windows 8 is the newest operating system which was officially released

on October 26, 2012 having a wide range of features such as new task manager and start screen. The

most appreciated feature available in Windows 8 is the Windows Store. You are able to install

applications on your tablets and computers. You would be able to find various apps for your handheld

devices. However, there is no official Facebook app for Windows 8. The third-party tools are available

for Facebook on this operating system. These apps offer all the features which make the device quite


There is no official Facebook app for Windows 8

Best Facebook App For Windows 8 –

1) MINE for Facebook

Mine is a Facebook for Windows 8. This is a Facebook client which has been designed to show you

the Facebook feed like the way you want to see. You will be able to see Facebook Timeline, Comment,

Likes,Post updates. Apart from that, you will also be able to tailor your feeds to fit into your requirements

till the time you are completely satisfied with them. This is an awesome Facebook app for windows 8 for

those who are Facebook addicted.


Facebook App for Windows 8
Facebook Apps for Windows 8



2) Facebook Touch

This is a simple, comprehensive and fast Facebook app for Windows 8. This app on Windows 8 would

allow you to get an optimized touch experience of Facebook on your Facebook on the Windows 8 device.

This is one of the most interactive Facebook apps on Windows 8.


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3) Facebook

The name of this app is same as that of Facebook but it is not an official Facebook app for Windows 8.

This app allows a metro interface having the timeline arranged in tile form. The features of this app are

almost same as that of Facebook and is one of the most popular apps for Windows 8.


4) Fliptoast

This is another social networking app which allows you to connect to Facebook. You will be able to

interact with your family and friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram in an entire new

way. You can update your status, engage with the posts, Like the comments, share photo memories

and tweet.  You can even perform various other actions on this app. This is also great Facebook app

for Windows 8.


Where To Get these Facebook Apps For Windows 8 – 

If you are planning to get one of these apps and enjoy their incredible features, you can get online and

search these tools. You can download on your Windows 8 after going through the system requirements.

Facebook is accessed by millions of users on a daily basis and getting an application on your favourite

handheld will enhance your experience.


It is also suggested to keep checking Windows Store for latest apps and add-ons. This will help you get

familiar with what you can avail on a regular basis. With the increasing demand by users, Microsoft

tends to cater to their needs and ensures that it can satisfy the users. Now, it is the time to improve your

browsing and interaction experience on Windows 8. You will simply love the features these apps offer

you on Windows 8.


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