Which Windows version you are using currently. If your answer is Windows 10 then you should learn how to download Windows 10 ISO image. We are recommending this as you don’t know when your Windows will get collapsed unexpectedly or it might get attacked by any strong malware. In other words, anything could happen to your Windows. We just want you to be prepared for a backup. When you have Windows 10 ISO image you can easily back in the game in just a few minutes.

How to Download Windows 10 ISO Image

How to Download Windows 10 ISO Image

Assuming you own a legitimate Windows 10 license. Start the process of download Windows 10 ISO image by going to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

Click on Download tool now button. That instantly download MediaCreationTool.exe file. This tool will help you to make USB or ISO version of Windows 10.

When Media Creation Tool is downloaded double click to open it and install it on your system.

Like always you will go through numerous screen but instead of clicking on Next button without reading what screen is saying might not work here so pay close attention while installing it.

It will ask you to choose between ISO file and USB drive download. Apart from that, you need to select the language and operating system version. At the end, it will ask whether to put the ISO file on disc or directly download to the system.

If you choose to download to your computer when it gets downloaded select Mount to initiate the Windows installation. This option will not work for you if there is already a problem in your PC. In this case, you need a DVD or USB option. That’s it you are done. Now have a look at the installation process.

How to Install Windows 10 from USB Flash Drive


  • Windows 10 install .iso or DVD
  • Formatted USB flash drive with 5 GB of free space
  • Technician PC: System that you will use to format the USB flash drive
  • Destination PC: System in which you want to install Windows 10

Step 1:

  1. Insert the USB flash drive in your technician PC.

2. Open Disk Management by right-clicking on the Start button.

3. Right click on USB drive partition, select Format then choose FAT32 file system to booth either for UEFI or BIOS-based PCs.

4. Activate the partition by right-clicking on the USB drive partition and click on Mark Partition as Active.

How to Download Windows 10 ISO Image

Step 2

  1. Open the folder where you have downloaded all the Windows 10 files and copy it to USB flash drive.

2. Connect the USB flash drive to your destination PC.

3. Turn on the system and open its boot device selection menu. Depending on your system it will open with buttons like Esc or F10 or F12. Highlight and select the option that boots the system from USB flash drive.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Troubleshooting Guide

If Windows files fail to copy then it simply means that the image file has over 4 GB FAT32 file size limit.

  1. To deal with this problem copy all files except Windows image file (sources\install.wim) to the USB drive. You can either drag and drop or simply use below command.

robocopy D: E: /s /max:3800000000

here D: is mounted iSO and E: is the USB flash drive.

2. Use below command to split the Windows image file so you can put the smaller files in the USB drive.

Dism /Split-Image /ImageFile:D:\sources\install.wim /SWMFile:E:\sources\install.swm /FileSize:3800

3. Now you can repeat the above mentioned process.

Hope you like the detailed tutorial on how to download Windows 10 ISO image. If you are facing any problem while following any part then feel free to tell us your query in the below comment section.


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