Google Maps have today become very popular indeed. Nowadays they are used for finding locations, finding reference points and also to guide you to your destination. But apart from simply showing you the paths, Google Maps can also do some great things for you. Here’s a list. 🙂

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cool things to do with Google Maps

Some Interesting Features of Google Maps

1) Walk and Public Transit Directions

Apart from getting the driving directions for your car, you could also get the directions and discover short paths, while you are walking through petite streets and pathways. Also you could get the public transportation indication in a specific area. But this feature is not available to certain remote areas.  But soon Google promises to bring them too.

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2) Have your Mashup

Not just Google Maps are made to guide you and show you the way to your destination, but also it allows coders to get in Google Maps and combine it with certain external information. For instance a map named Gawker Stalker is done by this method and this map would give you real time reports of celeb sightings and shows it on the map. And programmers could make certain useful things as required by a particular industry.

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cool things to do with Google Maps

3) Make your Own Maps

Yes, pal you could also make your own maps. For that you need not any coding skills or things like that. All you need to do is, add certain shaped, flags and checkpoints, and you could publically share your work, so that it could add relevancy to other people.

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cool things to do with Google Maps

4) Edit Locations

Yes apart from making your own map locations and approach points, you could also edit certain location on your Google Maps.  If the Map is showing certain positions wrong, you could edit them and bring them on the right place. So that it fills in the void and this really makes Google Maps user friendly and adds great deal of relevancy to it.

So, these were some of the Google Map, tweaks you could do with those Google Maps apart from just finding locations and using it for reference. Hope you liked it. 🙂

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Umpreet Singh, a young blogger from Chandigarh, loves to write about technology and related topics that add more ease to your life. Catch him on his blog Turtlers. Also see his latest post about certain Cool Google Tricks you could do with Google.


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