When we want to check our internet balance, remaining data, offers, balance etc. then we generally use a number that begins with a star (*) and ends with a hash (#). For instance, you use *123# to check the balance, right? But there are many other codes that used for different purpose. Now as you are to know about the full list of Airtel USSD codes we will not disappoint you.

Before you move further let’s get into little bit details of USSD codes. USSD codes refer to Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. This is a method that service provider uses as a platform so they can receive and send text or flash messages.

Here we are sharing all Airtel USSD codes that not just help you to check the basic things like balance, internet data etc. but you are able to know some Airtel USSD codes that will tell you any special offer only available for your number.

Airtel USSD Codes – Complete List of Code to Check Balance & Other Services

Another way to check balance and access exclusive offers is though, My Airtel app which is available for both Android and iOS. Click on highlighted link to download them from Play Store and App Store.

Complete List of Airtel USSD Codes

USSD Code Functions
121 Airtel Customer Care Number
198 Airtel Complaint Number
1909 DND Activation/Deactivation
543217 Contests


Airtel Balance Check
*123*11# Check for 3G Data Balance
*123*10# or *123*# Check for Free 2G Data Balance
    *123*197# Airtel Night Data Balance
*121# My Airtel, My Offer
 *121*4# Airtel Value Added Services
 *123*1# Check for Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance
 *123*7# Check for Free Local, STD SMS Balance
             *141# Airtel Talk time Gift Service [Share or Ask Talk time ]
 *123*8# Check for Free STD Minutes Balance
             *321# Airtel Live Services
   *515# Twitter Service
   *566# Airtel Special Offers and Rewards
              *678# Hello Tunes Menu
     *777# Local National SMS Packs
 *141*10# Airtel loan code
               *282# Know Your own Airtel number
  *325# Free Facebook Access [Rs. 1 per day ]
    *888# Missed Call Alert
 *222# Special 5 Offers
   *567# GPRS(Activation/Deactivation)
 *123*2# or *555# Check for  Local SMS Balance
          *123*6# Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance
 *121*7# To Check Last 5 Transactions and also Value Added Services.
  *141*10# or 52141 Airtel Loan Number
          *121*8# Check for Airtel 4G Balance
SMS 3G to 121 Airtel 3g activation USSD code

Airtel USSD Codes – Complete List of Code to Check Balance & Other Services

Type Message Send To Function
STOP 121 Stop any service
UNB 121 Check unbilled amount
BP 121 Current bill plan
PAY 121 Last 3 bill payment details
OT 121 Outstanding amount
USE 121 Check 2G/3G balance
START 121 Start any service
BILL 121 Bill summary
PORT 1909 Mobile number portability

If we have missed any Airtel USSD code then let us know in the below comment section.


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