In different branches of engineering, the civil engineering is always famous among students.

Now in industry once again there is a high demand of professional civil engineers. In this

situation, from career point of view civil engineering courses like polytechnic Diploma course

& B-Tech is again on top field of engineering..


What does a civil engineering do?

To build a structure is the main work of a civil engineer college. Under this; building, road, bridges,

station, dam, airport etc are related structural work to do. The planning to maintenance and wear

tear of structure are also the part of civil engineers.

career in civil engineering
civil engineering




Education Qualification-

Students who wants to build their career in civil engineering must clear there senior secondary

classes ((+2) with Physics, Chemistry and Math. You can also take admission through IIT & AIEEE

entrance test. Through JEE you can enter your life in IIT. For state level there is also an entrance

test to enter your life in engineering filed.

Students who want to do polytechnic diploma course in civil engineer, they must clear their 10th

class qualification. B-Tech is 4 years of course and polytechnic diploma is 3 year of course.


Courses for civil engineering-

On one side there is BE/B-Tech course in civil engineering and other side diploma course is also

available in this field of engineering.

The main courses are-

BE Civil Engineering

B-Tech Civil Engineering

ME Civil Engineering

M-Tech Civil Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Certificate course in building design


Civil Engineering Jobs-

B-Tech and Polytechnic degree holders students of this filed get job in Government and

private both industries. Vacancies of civil engineers are published in newspapers and news.

Today for their constructional work private companies hiring so many civil engineers.

Beside this you can also go for research for teaching profession.


The best civil engineering degree colleges in India-

  1. IIT Delhi and others.
  2. Birla Institute of Engineering (BIET), Dhanbaad
  3. College of engineering, Pune
  4. Delhi Tech. University
  5. Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh
  6. Guru Nanak Dev Engg. College Ludhiana
  7. Harcourt butler technological institute, Kanpur
  8. Chandigarh College of Engg. & Technology, Chandigarh
  9. Chotu Ram Polytechnic College, Rohtak


In industries there are lots of career opportunities for civil engineers.


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