With each passing year, the popularity and importance increase rapidly of the open source OS Linux. Today more people are keen to learn Linux. Unlike Windows and macOS Linux has many distributions. Most of the people generally get confused about which one to choose. Here we have provided the top 10 best Linux Distros with their best usage. Read about all distros and pick the one that best suited with your needs.

Top 10 Best Linux Distros

Linux Mint: Best Linux Distros for Beginners

10 Best Linux Distros For 2018

Linux Mint is one of the fastest growing Linux distros. When it comes to popularity it keeps threatens the Ubuntu. Moreover in recent years, Linux Mint established itself as a brand and ready to become a replacement for Windows OS.

It provides the best desktop experience and it is one of the best Linux distros for some reasons as it gives out of the box experience. The best part is you don’t need to spend your valuable time to install it. Moreover, it has a lighter footprint that is one more great add-on.

Linux Mint Features:

  • Easy to understand and use Cinnamon desktop
  • Out of the box experience
  • Larger community support
  • You can access the Ubuntu software repository

Ubuntu Mate: Best Linux Distros for Old Hardware

Ubuntu Mate: Best Linux Distros for Old Hardware

Those who are concerned about internet security definitely feels very frustrated when they see Windows XP running in government offices. It is surprising to know that despite of having so many options why the authorities want to stick with the old operating system that is more vulnerable to potential malware and virus.

One of the biggest reasons might be an old configured computer but  Unbuntu Mate could be the best solution to this. Unbuntu Mate is one of the best Linux distros that best fits with the old hardware system. If you are running old hardware or if any of your friends use the same then you can use or recommend Ubuntu Mate 17.10 OS.

Despite being ideal for the low hardware it offers tons of features and depending on preferences you have an option to pick tons of layout options like Traditional, Redmond, Mutiny, Netbook, Cupertino and more. Unbuntu Mate just requires 512 MB that’s it. Know that there are other more lightweight distros like Bodhi, Puppy Linux etc. but Unbuntu Mate is the only one that perfectly balances between performance and footprint.

Unbuntu Mate Features:

  • Hundreds of layout options
  • Ubuntu software repository access
  • Lightness balance
  • Perfect performance
  • Active user community

Kali Linux: Best Linux Distros for Hacking

10 Best Linux Distros For 2018

If you are into hacking or keen to learning then Kali Linux is the best Linux distros that we want to recommend to you. When it comes to ethical hacking no one can match the Kali Linux distros. There are many other popular options like BlackArch Linux, Parrot OS and more. Kali Linux is loaded to tons of useful tools that come under various categories like wireless attacks, exploitation tools, forensic tools, vulnerability analyses, web applications, stress testing and more.

As it is based on Debian Testing branch most of its packages are imported from Debian repos. If you are using Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Chromebook, Android etc then you can simply install on it. It is now available for your Android smartphone after the arrival of Kali NetHunter.

Kali Linux Features:

  • Solid Debian base
  • Regular updates
  • Vast learning resource
  • Tons of tried and tested ethical hacking tools

Steam OS: Best Linux Distro for Gaming

Steam OS: Best Linux Distro for Gaming

Most of the gamers still avoid Linux platform. Well, it is not their fault as there are fewer options available for gamers in the Linux platform but you will be glad to know that things have changed now.  In recent years many game titles have been launched for Linux and to get the best experience Steam OS is currently the best option for gamers.

Steam OS is loaded with additional Linux kernel tweaks that ensure to give you better gaming performance in comparison to other distros. Steam OS is the best Linux Distros for gaming because it comes with additional support for gamepads, GPUs, and hardware.

The mind behind this fantabulous online game distribution platform is Valve. Steam OS is specially designed and crafted for gamers that are loaded with the GNOME desktop environment. Because of Steam boxes, it is currently recognized as the top gaming solution.

Steam OS Features:

  • Huge library of games
  • Attractive user interface
  • More focus on gaming
  • Compatible with a vast number of gaming hardware

Debian: Best Linux Distros for Programming

10 Best Linux Distros For 2018

We won’t surprise if most of the people reading this are from a coding background. Without any doubt, coders just love Linux who would love to create new things. If you are one of them and want to become one then Debian could be the best Linux Distros for you. It is best suitable Distros for programmers.

It offers all the needed tools but Debian GNU/Linux is generally recommended the most. Debian testing branch supports a large number of the package that are regularly tested and updated. Such stability let the programmer to focus on his working without any worries.

If you are a completely fresher to Linux system then you might avoid to use it as it best suited to an experienced programmer who has earlier worked in Linux system. Beginners can go with Ubuntu LTS release or other stable Linux distro according to preferences.

Debian Features:

  • One of the best platforms for development
  • Famous .deb package management
  • A large number of packages

Elementary OS: Best Linux Distros for Beauty Lovers

Elementary OS: Best Linux Distros for Beauty Lovers

Without any doubt, Elementary OS is the most beautiful Linux distro. It is also a distro that is best if you want to check the limits of your OS. Elementary OS is known for its unparalleled performance. Elementary OS borrows some design elements from macOS that is the reason you will get a little of macOS glimpse in it.

It provides you with a lightweight experience and to achieve it they removed many defaults Ubuntu applications. It comes with GNOME-based Pantheon desktop environment, an elementary OS that is integrated with applications like Scratch, Epiphany, and Plant.

Elementary OS Features:

  • macOS like appearance
  • fewer applications
  • slick interface
  • Lightweight desktop

Ubermix: Best Linux Distros for Kids

Ubermix: Best Linux Distros for Kids

We find Windows easy because from the very beginning it has been introduced to us. We are very sure that most of the people out there don’t even know that there are any third OS other than Windows and macOS. Anyways today the demand for Linux is increasing day by day and it is important for you to keep your kids updated with this OS.

Now don’t handover your kids any of above mentioned distros but you can install Ubermix that is specially designed for kids. It is a free kid-friendly Linux distro. Ubermix also comes with touch support which makes this OS a great choice for kids who love to explore new things with their hands.

Apart from kids, it is a great OS for teachers too. To install it will just take 5 minutes. It is loaded with 60 application and 20-second recovery process. Ubermix is a great distro for teachers and students.

Ubermix Features:

  • Powerful distro for kids
  • Stores software and data in a separate partition to ensure safety
  • Touchscreen support available
  • Fast installation and recovery

Tails: Best Linux Distros for Privacy and Anonymity

10 Best Linux Distros For 2018

If we tell you that most of the hackers who don’t want to show their identity to the real world use Tails Linus distro. You might be wondering what is so special in this distro. Tails mean The Amnesic Incognito Live System that is currently one of the most popular choices for secure web browsing.

Tails live OS can be easily booted on any system using USB image or DVD. It is a Debian based secure distro that makes sure that all the internet connection that you use goes trough Tor network. This simply means that when you use it you are ensured that you are not leaving any footprint behind.

Tails is integrated with many cryptographic tools that help you to encrypt your files, instant messaging and emails. There are many other privacy options also that you would love to use and know.

Tails Features:

  • Built-in encryption suite
  • Stores everything in RAM to ensure no footprint left behind
  • Force every single connection goes through the Tor network
  • Also suitable for general use

CentOS: Best Linux Distros for Servers

CentOS: Best Linux Distros for Servers

How about setting up a server on a Linux distro but know that most of Linux distro known for frequent crashes or instability. To ensure you don’t face any such situation you need to keep in mind other factors too like security, hardware support, optimized performance, and power efficiency.

You will find many free and paid service but we want to recommend CentOS here. In this arena, if you heard about RHEL then know that CentOS is a perfect replay to it without spending a single penny. In other words, it is a free version of RHEL.

CentOS Features:

  • Long-term support
  • The free version of RHEL
  • Widespread support across the tech industry
  • Popular yum and rpm package management

Ubuntu: Best Linux Distro for Powerful PC

Ubuntu: Best Linux Distro for Powerful PC

Ubuntu needs no introduction. It is based on Debian architecture. Ubuntu is one of the distros that perfectly manage the balance between new features and stability. This is the reason why it is getting so many love and popularity. If your system has low configuration then you can try out Ubuntu flavors like Lubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, or Xubuntu.

If you have a powerful system then GNOME will be the best choice. After the introduction of Snaps, installing application become more easier. It has a thriving user community base and forums where you can find any problem solution instantly. Overall Ubuntu is one of the best Linux Distro that provides you with seamless performance with lots of multitasking.

Ubuntu Features:

  • A wide range of software
  • Snaps of famous applications
  • Powerful and user-friendly
  • Supportive forums
  • Vast community base

Hope we helped you find the best Linux Distros. If you still have any question in your mind then feel free to tell us in the below comment section.


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