Without music it is impossible to survive a day and this can be purely understood by any music lover and if we are not wrong you are the one, right? We know right now you are looking for something that can fulfill your music desire without compromising anything. So to help you we have not just one but ten best free music player for Android which you definitely love to try. Check our recommendations.

Top 10 Free Music Player for Android

Google Play Music

Best Free Music Player for Android

Let’s start the best free music player for Android with the default one. We are talking about Google Play Music.

It comes as default in Android devices so most of you are obviously aware of it but we have added this in our best free music player for Android because most of the Android devices which are topped with any third-party OS doesn’t have Google Play Music.

If you are one of them then you are probably missing one of the most powerful music players. It comes with a number of features that you would love to try. It features a powerful upload manage which let you add up to whopping 50,000 songs from programs like iTunes.

Though it is completely free you can subscribe for premium features too but let us tell you if you want to only listen to offline music then this is an ideal music player for you.

Now if you want more from this then you can get access to Google Play catalog and YouTube Red. You can view all videos that are curated for YouTube Red and that too without any ads. Isn’t cool?

Apple Music

Apple Music

Most of unique Apple apps belongs only to Apple devices and no doubt most of Android users want to get hands on those exclusive apps.

Anyways to complete your dream you don’t need to buy any Apple iPhone or iPad as we are going to tell you about an Apple Music app which is now available for Android too. You will be surprised to know that it has 10 million+ downloads. This show even the Android fans love to use it.

Unfortunately, if you are the one who still doesn’t know about this music app then we would recommend you to install as soon as possible. Apple Music comes with a really simple and clean interface which if you don’t know that its Apple Music you might consider it as a fairly simple music player with no advanced features.

Its live streaming feature and clean interface make it eligible for a best free music player for Android list. The best thing is unlike another music player it is totally ad-free.

Apple Music let you access Beats One, Apple Catalogue of over 45 million songs. This feature loved by most of them who love to enjoy Apple’s ecosystem.

Well, you may feel bit disappointed but Apple Music is a paid service. Yes, you read it right it comes with a $9.99 monthly subscription. So why we have added Apple Music to best free music player for the Android list?

One of the biggest reasons for adding it to best free music player for the Android list is 3-month free trial.

We know you are looking for free music players but it would be unfair if we don’t tell you about such music player. Now it’s up to you enjoy it for 3 months or check other options.



Musicolet is an amazing ad-free music player that is loaded with fancy cloud and synching like features. Musicolet not just help you with online music but it also lets you play local music files. It supports multiple music formats, in other words, it can play almost all music formats.

Musicolet features a powerful multi-queue manager which let you queuing up multiple playlists and albums. Its other features include a sleep timer, widgets, lyrics support.

Don’t expect lots of customization option in Musicolet as the prime focus of this app is on functionality instead of style.

Black Player

Black Player

Black Player is not so famous Black Player. Now it really doesn’t mean it is not the best free music player for Android. Actually, we would like to say Black Player one of the most underrated music players.

Black Player is a minimalist app which comes with a clean and configurable interface. Under the hood, it packs with a decent amount of features.

It has inbuilt swipe control which helps you to get rid of tapping buttons. You can control tracks, artist, album, genera, playback etc. with swipe control feature.

It features a 5 band equalizer which you will find where audio ends. Apart from it, Black Player features audio effects like virtualizer, bass booster, crossfade, gapless playback and more.

It features three widgets which are its main highlights. It includes embedded lyrics, support for FLAC, an andID3 tag editor.



The phonograph is known for its sleek looking design which has a flat and bright look. It majorly has Material design work which gives users a clean interface.

The first look gives you a feel of simple music player but you will get necessary features like playlist management, tag editing etc. behind contextual menus.

Phonograph features a clutter-free interface which automatically changes matching album art color. To access features like equalizer or sleep timer you need to go bit deep.

Rocket Player

Rocket Player

Rocket Player is a freemium app but as you are here for a best free music player for Android we will not disappoint you.

We have added Rocket Player in our exclusive best free music free player for Android because its free version is providing enough features which can even beat other music players on the list.

Rocket Player boasts of clean and bright design and it obviously does well for what it is made for.

It features basic music player functionalities including library search, built-in equalized, management tools, home & lock screen widgets, podcast support etc.

You can simply choose not to display ads but if you choose them to show then you can access features like 10-band equalizer, expanded file format support, gapless playback and more. If you want more power then you can simply upgrade it.



doubleTwist comes with a support for podcasts, radio, and music obviously as you are looking here for a best free music player for Android. It is one stop solution for all needs.

doubleTwist features Magic Radio which let you enjoy a customized mix of songs that are loaded in your library.

You can sync doubleTwist data with Windows Media Player or iTunes playlist directly to your system to your smartphone via USB.

doubleTwist comes with a stylish and refreshed design. It let you explore artist bios and photos too. doubleTwist let your play your music in PS3, Xbox 360, Sonos speakers and more.


Best Free Music Player for Android

If you love to know about simple and clear interface music app in our best free music player for the Android list then let us introduce you to one more amazing app.

The shuttle is a music player which is not just simple and lightweight but loaded with the decent amount of features in free version. Now no need to say that you will get more in the paid version.

Shuttle UI is inspired from stock Google Music’s card UI. It comes with features like gapless playback, artist downloads, equalizer, album, Last.FM scrobbling, and more.

The shuttle is one of the players which is taking most of the Android UI features with notification control, widgets, and lock screen.

If you upgrade it you will get features like Chromecast support, tag editing, more interface customization etc.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a best free music player for Android which you will love to install just like right now. Amazon Music will not just allow you to play your local music but with this player, you can simply edit playlists and stream music to your home or car stereo via Bluetooth.

One of the biggest USP of Amazon Music is cloud locker and market integration. Amazon Music let you search and buy new music which you can play directly in your system.

If you already have an Amazon Prime subscription then you need to download it right now as it let you access its massive library of music.



Musixmatch is one of the simplest but powerful music players in our best free music player for Android list. It comes with basic playback control along with 5 band equalizer.

You would definitely love to download this app as it will help you with lyrics. Not the static one but dynamic.

It shows you lyrics of already playing music. It is able to sync lyrics with your music.

You can integrate Musixmatch with other music players like Play Music, Spotify etc. via a  Floating Lyrics features.

It comes with Android Wear and Chromecast support. Moreover, it is able to pull up band or artist’s Twitter account, top tracks, albums and more.

If you are using any other music player which you think need to be here in best free music player for the Android list then feel free to let us know in the below comment section.


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