When music is your life and you have a budget of Rs. 1000 then it is pretty difficult to find out earphones that actually help you to give stability, durability, and good music experience especially when you are a fitness enthusiast. This is because all good earphones for gym & workout are available when you spend above Rs. 1000. Anyways if you don’t want to increase your budget and still want good earphones then we especially for you we manage to find out 5 best earphones under Rs. 1000 for gym & workout.

Best Earphones Under Rs. 1000

FREESOLO Wireless Bluetooth In-ear

Price: Rs. 999

5 Best Earphones Under Rs. 1000 for Gym & WorkOut

FREESOLO Wireless Bluetooth In-ear is one of the incredible earphones which you can buy under 1000 budget.

It is specially designed for people who love to listen to music while jogging, running, and gym.

This is one of the stylish earphones in our 5 best earphones under Rs. 1000 list. It let you listen to your favorite music without any interruption.

As you are here to look for special earphones that are specially designed for gym & workout FREESOLO Wireless Bluetooth In-ear will not disappoint you as it is made keeping sports lovers in mind.

FREESOLO Wireless Bluetooth In-ear is a sweat and splash proof. Moreover, it is designed so that it can perfectly fit in your ear and anti-fall out design make sure that it will not slip down and interrupt your continuation.

Being wireless earphones the first thing you might be thinking of is playback, right? Well, don’t worry about it as FREESOLO Wireless Bluetooth In-ear comes with an incredible playtime.

It comes with a standby time of 100 hrs, talk time of 3 hours and music play time of 5 to 6 hours.

Now coming to music then it gives a high fidelity sound which let you experience powerful highs and clear lows obviously with the original sound.

The basic music and calling functions like next, previous, volume controls, microphone etc. are given on earphones itself so you don’t have to take our your device from your pocket.

BasX Trubeats

Price: Rs. 999

BasX Trubeats

Here is another great option in 5 best earphones under Rs. 1000. BasX Trubeats comes with an IPX5 certificate which means it is splash and sweat proof.

This Bluetooth earbud set is great for hiking, gym, biking, running, jogging and other sports activity.

BasX Trubeats comes with a tangle-free wire and has a neckband design which makes it one of the stylish earphones in our 5 best earphones under Rs. 1000 for gym and workout list.

In terms of sound, BasX Trubeats produce mid sound and richer bass. It is integrated with a technology to provide superb bass sound and Bluetooth V4.2+EDR for stereo sound.

While listening to your favorite music you can experience to its incredible clear high and low volume.

It comes with a pouch so you can carry it without worrying about mixing with anything else. BasX Trubeats has an inbuilt mic and gives you a voice notification for any incoming calls.

BasX Trubeats earphones work really well when it comes to filtering background noise and noisy environments.

As above mentioned it features a Bluetooth 4.2 technology which guarantees a stable and faster signal transmission, lower power consumption and clearer sound quality.

In terms of battery backup, it gives you the power of up to 6 hours when you keep listening to music. It features a super quick charge functionality.

If you like BasX Trubeats then you need to follow some precautions like don’t charger it using fast charger or car as there is high chance that it will damage your earphone because of excessive current or unstable voltage.

Tantra Trumpet T-900

Price: Rs. 999

Best Earphones Under Rs.1000

Tantra Trumpet T-900 is a stylish and powerful noise isolating in-ear earphones with in-line mic and remote. It is integrated with a multi-functional button for instance single short press will pause or start the music or answer or end a call.

Press and hold for 1 second to reject a call, double click will play next track and triple click will play the previous track.

Tantra Trumpet T-900 features ample of good features which makes it one of the good choices in our 5 best earphones under Rs. 1000 for gym & workout list.

It is one of the earphones which gives you seamless audio solution combining with premium audio performance. It gives you maximum versatility and on-the-go design.

Tantra Trumpet T-900 ensures ergonomic comfort as it features self-adjusting ear nozzles, ultra-secure ear hook design, and multi-size silicon buds which are made up to sweat-proof materials. This all gives you a thing which perfectly matches up with your style.

Now coming to sound quality then it boasts up with a high-quality dynamic speaker system which delivers powerful bass-driven stereo sound for amazing music streaming, video watching, gaming, or hands-free calling.

Tantra Trumpet T-900 is compatible with all smartphone, MP3 players, tablets, computers and all devices that support 3.5 mm audio jack.

Expode Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Price: Rs. 999

Best Earphones Under Rs.1000

Expode’s earphones come with a functional design. It is specially made to fit your ear which doesn’t let it slip down from your ears. Expode’s earphone is specially designed for gym and workout purpose.

When it comes to playback time it doesn’t fail at any point. It gives you impressive 100 hours of standby time, talk time of 3 hours and 6 hours of music play time.

Expode’s earphone is designed so that nothing can interrupt you when you are listening to your favorite music.

It let you experience original sound with powerful highs and clear lows. Its special noise canceling technology ensures skip-free crisp stereo sound.

This is one of the most recommended splashes and sweat proof earphone from our list of 5 best earphones under Rs. 1000 for gym & workout list.

Jackom WE2

Price: Rs. 799

Jackom WE2

All earphones listed above comes with a price tag of Rs. 999 which is no doubt worth but if you want some more cheap option in 5 best earphones under Rs. 1000 for gym & workout list then here is Jackom WE2.

One of the unique things about this earphone is it easily stick to each other well this sounds simple but know that instead of the simple magnet it has a high-coercively permanent magnet.

If you are thinking what is the use of this magnet then know that it is integrated intentionally so you can easily use it as a fashion accessory when you are not using it. Just wrap it around your wrist or neck to get a style.

Jackom WE2 is integrated with British CSR Bluetooth 4.1 chip which let you connect it using a variety of Bluetooth devices.

Its structural design is built after keeping the comfortability of thousands of ears. It is an ideal earphone for gym & workout without any doubt.

WE2 Headphones feature a transparent sound, excellent resolution, field and rich bass, which let you enjoy flawless music playback.

So these are our recommendations in 5 best earphones under Rs. 1000 for gym & workout. If you are already using any other earphones which you think deserves this list then feel free to tell us in the below comment box.


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