Do you want to stay up to date with your leads, contacts, prospects etc. If yes then you landed on the right page as today we are going to introduce you with best CRM software of 2018.  So what is CRM? Well, it stands for Customer Relationship Management, a system that helps you to track everything related to your customer, emails, contacts, visits, progress, leads and more. All these data help every team member to understand what actually customer wants from your business. Its some amazing tools like web form support, mass emails like things help you to grab some new orders. Here in our best CRM software list, we mentioned five CRMs that you would love to try. Some are paid, some are free, while some are freemium so read about them figure out the that matches your need and feel free to give it a try to boost your business growth.

Best CRM Software 2018



Apptivo is a comprehensive CRM tool that provides you best way to manage your schedules, communications, contacts, notes and more. That’s not it, even its free account loaded with features like invoicing, basic purchase order tracking, helpdesk, project management tools, estimates, field service management and more.

Now coming to its premium account that you can have it by paying $8 then it offers something more obviously like 3 GB per user that is 500 MB more than the free account that offers 2.5 GB only. Moreover, you will get standalone business apps, e-commerce integration, bulk email, PayPal, Google Drive, Tasks, and Calendar integration. If it sounds less to you then go with its Ultimate plan that cost you $20, it offers more campaign emails and data. Moreover, you will get budgeting and cash management apps.

The best thing is Apptivo is fully configurable that obviously makes it more complex but such thing is needed in CRMs so you can get the best and don’t worry you will master it after a few days.


Best CRM Software of 2018

If you are looking for a CRM with great communication management then here is the best option in our best CRM software list. Batchbook is one of the best CRMs that comes with amazing communication management features. It let you build up customized contact databases that you can expand with details like emails, track calls, customer’s tweets, and more.

Colleagues on Batchbook can add comments and the admin is able to set individual to-do’s or even he or she is allowed to build lists for the group. It offers a mobile view that makes sites look good on smartphones and tablets and its email and SMS feature ensures that you don’t forget anything.

Batchbook is a bit expensive with a price tag or $39.95 per user per month but its features like Gmail integration, email templates, automated workflows etc. make it worth. This is best CRM software that we want to recommend to you especially when you are highly interested in tracking communications.


Best CRM Software of 2018

Bitrix24 offers a wide range of powerful business tools like Apptiva. It offers business tools like collaboration, telephony, document handling, employee management, instant messaging, project management, scheduling and more.

If you don’t want to make things complicated then you can focus on the best CRM software which is complete in its own. Communications and contacts are logged, calls recorded, quotes & invoices issued, emails sent, leads assigned to sales managers etc. Its detailed reports keep you update moreover you are allowed to access the features via its app.

You can use its free version that let you add 12 users and in terms of storage you will get 5 GB but if you think that free version is not enough for you then upgrade to Plus account that supports 24 users and gives you 24 GB of online storage. For Plus you need to pay $39.

Capsule CRM

Best CRM Software of 2018

Most of the CRMs that get featured in our best CRM software list try to win your heart and mind with a long list of features but Capsule CRM is a bit different because it generally focuses on basics like collaboration, scheduling, contact management, sales pipeline, and tasks.

The great thing is all these basics are beautifully integrated into Capsule CRM. You can attach emails and documents to your customer’s record, track social media, tag contacts and organize them in lists, create tasks, view your schedule in calendar and more.

Know that the basic Capsule CRM software doesn’t offer many offers itself but its Professional version that support lots of integrations like Zendesk, MailChimp, Xero, Wufoo Forms, G Suite, Magento, Flow XO, FreshBooks and more.

Before using its Professional version it is worth trying the basic one that let you add maximum two users, 10 MB storage, and 250 contacts. Switch to Professional plan if you are looking for business fundamentals.


Best CRM Software of 2018

HubSpot is one of the big names in CRM industry and it is not possible to complete the list of best CRM software without adding HubSpot. When it comes to pricing model no one can beat HubSpot. Its free plan doesn’t come with any limit that makes it best. So when you need to pay? It is very simple in case you want to add extra marketing or sales module.

If your budget is too tight and you can’t afford a CRM then you can get started with HubSpot as it handles the basics amazingly. With this CRM you are able to build company databases, assign tasks, build contacts, track deals and more. You will be surprised to know that you can as many users as you want. That’s not it, you are able to store as many as 1 minion companies and contacts. Amazing, isn’t?

Hope you like these top 5 CRM software. If you are currently using any other CRM that you find suitable for this list then tell us in the below comment section. Apart from that if you want a full review on any particular CRM then still tell us we will update you with a full review of your favorite CRM soon in our site.


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