If you are not happy with your current browser then we have a list of best browsers for Windows PC. This list contains giants like Chrome and Firefox which are obviously best browsers but have some drawbacks too. No matter currently you are using which browser just make sure to go through our best browsers for Windows PC list. Don’t skip even the one which you are aware of, who knows you might discover an amazing feature.

Best Browsers For Windows PC

Google Chrome

Best Browsers For Windows PC

Google Chrome doesn’t need any introduction. It is without any doubt the best browsers for Windows PC. There are ample of features which makes Google Chrome number one browser in the world.

In 2015 Microsoft launched Edge browser to compete with Google Chrome which is currently one of the best browsers for PC but the thing is despite being fast, and secure it is still far ahead from the success of Google Chrome.

The reason why Google Chrome is widely famous relies on its incredible features like it is cross-platform takes up minimal screen space, incredibly stable and more.

One more thing which makes Google Chrome super incredible is its availability of a large number of extensions. You can empower it according to your needs and requirements.

From changing appearance to managing your daily tasks everything can be done using extensions.

Google Chrome also features parental control. Moreover, there are tons of tweaks and settings which promise you to give maximum efficiency.

So does it mean that Google Chrome doesn’t have any downside? Well, every technology has its pros and cons, so does Chrome too have. The major disadvantage of Google Chrome is hungry for resources.

Yes, it needs lots of resources to run smoothly which makes it one of the heaviest browsers in the list.

If you have less RAM then we don’t recommend you to use this browser as it is not able to deliver the performance which it generally delivers.

Chrome is one of the finest products of Google and you obviously know how Google is using the user data. If you are a bit concerned about your security then probably you don’t want to use it at any cost.

Google said that they are working really hard to make the security of users more secure. They are encouraging webmasters to add SSL certificate. In coming months you will be much clear about sites with HTTPS encryption.

Chrome is following Firefox by supporting password-free logins via WebAuthn. They are working on it either to replace the traditional password method work they will take it to two-factor authentication.

Google Chrome is quite popular among developers so if you are a developer then you would love to use it as it will give you a better experience across various VR headsets.

Moreover you would able to use inputs from sensors like device’s accelerometer, ambient light and more.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is considered always second whenever talking about best browsers for Windows PC but what if we tell you that Mozilla Firefox coming up with a total overhaul and giving a tough competition to other top browsers like Google Chrome, Edge etc.

After 13 years it recently got one of the biggest updates. The updates are so impressive that it is impossible to ignore them.

First of all, know that Firefox is famous for its extensions support and flexibility same like Chrome and because of this reason it is one of the biggest competitors of Chrome.

So where does Mozilla Firefox lacks? Well, it is speed, Chrome beats it every single time when it comes to speed.

Till now if you are ignoring it for the same reason then you would love to use the updated version of Mozilla Firefox.

The newer version is called Firefox Quantum which was released last year. In gets complete overhaul in terms of coding and speed which is now comparable or even better than Chrome.

Unlike Chrome, you don’t need powerful RAM to unleash the power of Firefox. New Firefox will make sure that you can work with multiple tabs in less RAM.

Mozilla Firefox worked really well when it comes to privacy. Know that Mozilla Firefox is a non-profit which simply means that it doesn’t sell your data, unlike other browsers.

Apart from this Mozilla Firefox’s community make sure to give regular updates so that you can ensure a better safety of your data.

Firefox Quantum also added a new feature for extensions. It ensures that developers can’t make any malicious changes. This adds an extra layer of security.



Can you imagine the best browsers for Windows PC without having Opera browser in it? Well it is pretty impassable, right?

Anyways let us tell you that Opera is one of the most underrated browsers.

Today most of people have faster internet connection but still there are lots of people who are using slow internet connection or most of the times have to face slow internet because of area or locality.

If you are one of them then apart from having Chrome or Firefox you need to install Opera in your system for an emergency situation. Why did we say it? Actually, Opera is ideal for slow connections.

Opera lovers might be sad to know that Opera is making just 1% in the browser market. Don’t know why such powerful browser doesn’t get appreciation.

It is not like Opera is idle for slow connections only. It can do everything that its rival is able to do and the fun facts are Opera gives you even more.

We are recommending to have it along with prime browser because of its amazing features like inbuilt ad blocker and most noted Opera Turbo.

Opera Turbo is a seamless feature which compresses the actual web page and delivers you the best without compromising with anything. This browser can be a great choice if you are relying on mobile data.

We guarantee you that you will not regret once you will start using it. Despite being one of the best browsers for Windows PC it has one drawback.

One part where it actually lacks is extensions. It has fewer extensions in comparison to Chrome and Firefox. So extension lovers may love to stay away from it.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is available with Windows 10 OS and the sad part is you can’t run it on any other OS and platform.

Don’t know why Microsoft Edge is exclusive only to Windows 10 but If you are using Windows 10 then feel the privilege to use one of the best browsers for Windows PC.

When it was launched Microsoft claims that it is simply the fastest browser in the world and some scales actually prove it but company shocks everyone when they announce that it is a part of Windows 10 OS and can’t be accessed through other OS even from its previous version too.

Know that Microsoft Edge is designed so that it can get maximum of Windows 10 OS. Now it is clear that if somehow Edge is available for other platforms then it may not able to deliver the experience that Windows 10 users are getting. For Windows 10 users Edge is super quick and reliable.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is being trolled for many years for its slow performance and no doubt it was slow. We are so overwhelmed with above mentioned best browsers for Windows PC that we forget that Internet Explorer got an update.

A new update is powerful, clean, and highly compatible. The best thing is it doesn’t run after resources as it will give you same performance that you would get in Chrome or Firefox in less RAM and CPU.

Like Opera, Internet Explorer lacks when it comes to an extension. It is idle for faster browsing experience but if you want to customize it then sorry to say but this is not for you.



We are sure that you didn’t hear about this browser. If it is true then let us introduce you to one of the best browsers for Windows PC which is Vivaldi.

As you are here to know about the best browsers for Windows PC it is clear that you are the one who spends most of the time browsing lots of internet things. If yes, then Vivaldi has something that you must try once.

Vivaldi features a built-in note-taking system. Moreover while using the main window you can dock websites as side panels. Its innovative tab stacking feature is fantabulous which let you move or group them.

Vivaldi let you customize its structure and interface. Vivaldi is built on Chromium which simply means that it doesn’t lack extension as you can install and use an extension from Chrome Web Store.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser

While exploring internet you’ve surely come to know about the dark web. If not then know that dark web refers to the site which is considered not safe. Tor Browser let you explore the unlisted sites.

If you have high-speed internet connection then you would love to Tor Browser.

First of all, make a note that with Tor Browser you are able to explore and reveal some dark secrets of web so while using don’t try to make any transaction or share your identity at any cost.

Tor Browser is famous for hiding IP address. People are using it so that people or hackers can’t track them.

It is currently the most secure browser. Nothing is stored, nothing is tracked, and while using it you don’t need to worry about your bookmarks and cookies.

Are we missing anything? If you think we forget to mention any good browser then let us know in the below comment section so that we can add it to best browsers for Windows PC list.


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