Antivirus plays a very important role in the protection of your device from virus, malware, Trojans, worms, ransomware and more. There are tons of antivirus available in the market but figuring out which one provides the best protection is pretty difficult. To solve your problem here we have the list of best free antivirus software for Windows PC that you would love to try. all antivirus have different features so read them all and use the one that meets your requirement.

Best Free Antivirus Software For Windows PC

1. Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus software. It is famous for protecting Windows PC from hacking attacks and various types of malware. According to officials, the recent release will give a light touch on your PC that means it the latest version is one of the lightweight antivirus solutions.

Best Free Antivirus Software For Windows PC

Avast Free Antivirus Features

Intelligent Antivirus: It automatically detects ransomware, malware, phishing, viruses and more. It is integrated with smart analytics that stops the threats at the very beginning.

Cyber Capture: Cyber Capture is a cloud-based scanner that sends the threats to the cloud for further analysis. If it is caught as a threat that all Avast Free Antivirus user will get the protection of caught threat.

Wi-Fi Inspector: This feature let you know how secure is your Wi-Fi connection. It ensures that someone will not hack into your Wi-Fi and use your data.

Smart Scan: It protects your system from many big and small security hole that present in your machine.

GameMode: This feature make sure that all notifications are put on hold.

Behavior Shield: It tracks the behavior of all software and other functions in your system and let you know if any app behaves suspiciously.

If you see the overall features of Avast Free Antivirus is great that makes it suitable for best free antivirus software for Windows PC. With Avast software you will get a free password manager that is Avast Passwords. The company also claims that their software is powered with machine learning protection that understand your machine and its behavior and grows and protect your system accordingly.

Though you are here for best free antivirus software for Windows PC we recommend you to go for its pro version as you will not regret. Its pro version packed with features like anti-spam, ransomware shield, firewall, sandboxing and more. If you are using antivirus for your personal use then free version is great for you but yes if you are a startup or looking for an antivirus for your office staff then it is better to go with paid one to get all paid amenities.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender doesn’t need any introduction. It is a product from Romanian internet security solution company. The company has a wide range of security solutions for home and business and Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is one of those amazing products. We consider it to add to our exclusive list of best free Antivirus software for Windows PC because it is giving a tough competition to Avast solution. You can consider it as its alternative. It is packed with all features that you can expect from a free software, well that’s obvious but it has some features that you will get in paid version only in other antivirus software. Here are some of its notable features that you would love to know about.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition Features

On-Demand Virus Scanning: As the name suggests it lets you scan your system whoever you want so you can get rid of viruses, rootkits, worms, spyware, Trojans and more.

Anti-Phishing: If you are really concerned about your online security then Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition gives you the best online security. It promises you to deliver the best security for your online accounts.

Behavioral Detection: Like the above antivirus, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition has an inbuilt feature that detects any suspicious behavior in your software.

Anti Fraud: This is one of the most notable and important features of Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition as it warns you about sites that try to scam you.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition keeps running in the background and has an easy to use interface. It has paid version too that comes with many handy features like social networking protection, password manager, specialized ransomware, webcam protection, and more. It also features an advanced Bitdefender Autopilot that is able to take care of your entire cyber security without worrying about anything. That’s not it pro version of Bitdefender also comes with VPN protection. If you are not sure about its paid version then you can get hands-on its pro version for 30 days as a free trial.

3. Avira Free Antivirus

Avira was first introduced in 1986. The latest version of Avira performed exceptionally well in various independent cyber security labs. Let us clear you first that it is not powerful enough like Avast Free Antivirus but you will love to use it for its clean interface and solid performance. The latest version Avira Free Antivirus is must try software. Some of its notable features are here.

Best Free Antivirus Software For Windows PC

Avira Free Antivirus Features

Protection Cloud: It is an advanced feature that protects the community in real time. It actually checks the user’s system and sent the latest and new threats to the cloud so other people or user get safe from new threat.

Antivirus Scanner: It deals with most of notable malware, worm, ransomware, virus, Trojan and more.

Safety Extension: Avira Free Antivirus has a dedicated browser extension that comes with added features like Price comparison, safe browsing, browsing tracking blocker and more.

PUA Shield: It is a special feature that stops the unwanted apps so it won’t harm your system.

Its notable Protection Cloud saves the digital fingerprint of the malicious file in the cloud and their database too. Based on the detection type, threat level etc. further actions are taken. Apart from it, it is worth to mention that Avira comes with Internet Total Security Suite which has Avira Phantom VPN and Free Antivirus. The free version has some data limit on VPN so check if it is appropriate for you. Avira also has SafeSearch Plus extension that you can install on your Chrome browser. It will take care of all fishy links and tell you about them in real time.

4. Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Kaspersky Free Antivirus is launched by Russian cyber security leaders Kaspersky labs. It is a full-fledged cyber security that you can use free of cost. Its home and enterprise products get a mention in many top-notch websites. Best Free Antivirus Software is a lightweight antivirus that doesn’t come with any fancy features. It promises you to deliver the best results. It protects your system from phishing attacks, dangerous malware, spyware, and more. Some of its notable features are given below.

Best Free Antivirus Software For Windows PC

Web Protection: It saves you from malicious websites and spammy links. It keeps check and alerts you when it finds something fishy.

Email Protection: If you are dealing with lots of mails so this is where Kaspersky Free Antivirus help you to figure out spams and malware.

You can opt for Kaspersky Free Antivirus’s paid version especially if you need features like safe online transactions, password manager, cross-platform protection, kids security and more.

5. AVG Free Antivirus

In 2016 Avast Software acquired AVG Technologies. Now both companies are enjoying their enviable reputation in the cyber security sector. Avast is pretty famous among non-English speakers.  AVG Free Antivirus is also very famous among many users and you will glad to know that it is continuously growing. Check out some of its notable features.

AVG Free Antivirus

AVG Free Antivirus Features

Complete Virus Scan: Like others, it protects your system from various types of ransomware, spyware, viruses and more.

Web Protection: It protects your Windows PC from unsafe links and downloads. It has an integrated Email scanning feature too.

Performance Checker: It will completely scan your system and tell you if there is any performance issue.

Real-time Security Updates: AVG Free Antivirus gets frequent security updates so you don’t have to worry about any latest virus.

Apart from providing you with protection from virus, harmful programs AVG Free Antivirus comes with 30 days free trial of AVG VPN tool. However, we don’t recommend you to rely on AVG VPN tool. There are many good and dedicated VPNs available in the market. AVG Free Antivirus comes with an inbuilt File Shredder that let you get rid of any unwanted program or file instantly. The best thing is you don’t need to open the software just right click on file or folder and choose the shred option from the list.

AVG Free Antivirus comes with a neat and clean interface that is why we consider to add it to our exclusive list of best free antivirus software for Windows PC. Its pro version let you access some extra features like pro apps for mobile, firewall, dedicated support and more. Apart from it, AVG Free Antivirus let you create personal folders that stop ransomware to access your files.

6. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus

Earlier ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus was known as ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall. The company renamed the product but they didn’t drop the firewall feature that is a good thing. Check its features.

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus Features

Antivirus and Antispyware: It saves your system from spyware, worms, viruses, Trojans and other threats.

Personal Firewall: It protects your Windows PC by keeping an eye on every incoming and outgoing traffic.

Customizable Scanning Modes: It features various type of scanning mode that gives you a freedom to select what type of scanning you want.

Gamer Mode: It helps your system to run gaming sessions smoothly without any interruptions.

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus ensures to provide an extra layer of security with real-time security updates. You would love to use it if you want to get most of the firewall. You can also download its dedicated firewall software. When you go with its premium version then you will get features like phishing, identity theft, zero-day attacks, online backup, identity protection, laptop tracking,  family protection and more.

7. Panda Free Antivirus

If your system has low configuration then you will love to have this antivirus. Most of the antivirus needs powerful configuration so they can run smoothly now when it comes to Panda Free Antivirus then it is one of the lightest antiviruses in the list of best free antivirus software for Windows PC. Know its features.

Best Free Antivirus Software For Windows PC

Panda Free Antivirus Features

Cloud: All major process is controlled through the cloud that is why it is one of the lightest antiviruses.

Real-Time Updates: It frequently gets updates with latest virus definition.

USB Protection: This is an extra precautionary feature that you will love to you. When you connect any USB to your system it will automatically scan the USB.

Bonus Tools: You will get bonus tools like Rescue Kit and Process Monitor in Panda Free Antivirus.

Panda Free Antivirus continuously work on their features that result from the latest version is quite amazing. It comes with a real-time update for minimum device impact. Apart from that, it has special Protection Advanced feature that takes care of parental controls, Wi-Fi connections, ransomware and more.

8. Sophos Home

Sophos Home is another big name in the cyber security world. It promises you to deliver best in class protection from various threats. In the tests of independent labs, it continuously scored good grades that make is one of the top rated antivirus software. Check how it helps you.

Sophos Home

Sophos Home Features

Advanced Computer Security: It keeps your machine clean from ransomware, malware, viruses and more.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence: It keeps an eye on activities and behavior of programs so you can know about any malicious software before it hurts your system.

Know that Sophos Home loaded with tons of features. It stops your system to get connected with a malicious website that contains spyware and malware. It also helps you to control how others can access your files. Another great thing is you can control your web browser remotely.

9. 360 Total Security

We hope you’ve heard about 360 Total Security. If your answer is no then knowing that 360 Total Security is a pretty famous antivirus that is loaded with tons of rich feature. This free antivirus is licensed with Avira antivirus engine and Bitdefender that is one of the biggest highlights of this software. Check out some more features.

360 Total Security

360 Total Security Features

Web Protection: It includes shopping protection, website blocking, and downloaded file scan.

Auto Scanning: It auto scan the files that you save or open.

Anti-ransomware: Ransomware is one of the latest threats that locks up your system and stop you from accessing your file. 360 Total Security has a dedicated functionality for this.

Know that 360 Total Security might lag behind its competitors but it will be considered for some of the notable features like webcam protection, USB drive protection, file system and registry protection, keylogger blocking, network threat blocking and more.

10. Adaware Antivirus 12

The older name of Adaware Antivirus 12 was Ad-Aware from Lavasoft. The company just rebrand their product. We don’t recommend it in front of other antivirus software but yes if it meets your requirement then feel free to download and use it. See how much power it has.

Adaware Antivirus 12

Adaware Antivirus 12 Features

Protects Your System: Adaware Antivirus 12 protects your system from popular threats like viruses, Trojans, spyware, worm etc.

Download Protection: It scans all the files that download from the internet and tell you about suspicious files.

While most of the antivirus featured in best free antivirus software for Windows PC comes with additional features Adaware Antivirus 12 has not any. Still feel free to give it a try.

If you have any good suggestion for this list then feel free to tell us in the below comment section.


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