Are you getting bored of with your smartphone? If yes then no need to switch to another phone as it will be just wastage of money. Here we want to recommend some of the best Android launchers which you need to definitely install in your smartphone. Launchers listed here let you do lots of fun thing like changing icons, add gestures, and change the look of your smartphone totally. So are you ready to know them?

Best Android Launchers You Want to Install Right Now

Nova Launcher

Best Android Launchers You Want to Install Right Now

Nova Launcher is without any doubt one of the best Android launchers around and it is pretty difficult to find its alternative that’s why we are mentioning it in the first position.

Yes, it has an alternative which you will find here but keep in mind that no one is close to Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher is famous because of its smoothness. It is lightweight, fast, and efficient.

It comes with a wide range of Icon packs which you can download anytime from Play Store and change the look and feel of your smartphone.

Nova Launcher supports notification badges, dock customizations, icon customization, gestures, and show most frequently used apps.

If you are Android Nougat powered smartphone then you are able to get support for app shortcuts. It comes with loads of features which you would love to try.

Evie Launcher

Download Evie Launcher

Best Android Launchers You Want to Install Right Now

Evie Launcher is designed keeping performance in mind and because of it considered one of the fastest Android launchers.

Many users who keep trying different launchers give a verdict about this launcher that it is buttery smooth.

It is integrated with Universal Search feature which let you search within your apps without going anywhere. It is packed with wide range of customizations and home screen shortcuts.

Apart from that Evie Launcher let you customize your folder grid and app drawer. Such features make it idle for best Android launchers list.

Like Nova Launcher, Evie Launcher also supports icon packs which you can download from Play Store. If you love gestures then you will get disappointed here a bit.

There is gesture support but in comparison to Nova Launcher, it is very less. If we look this app overall then it is a launcher which comes with a simplicity, you can give a try to this one of the best Android launchers if you have a low configuration.

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is another great best Android launchers. You can pick this option if you love to make lots of customization.

Buzz Launcher has a unique feature called ‘Homepack Buzz’ which let you customize your home screen with more than whopping 700,000 home screens which are generally uploaded by other users.

Buzz Launcher is integrated with app locker and RAM cleaner like features so uninstall existing apps when you install it.

Buzz Launcher also has a support for lots of gestures which let you access many shortcuts and other functionalities.

It comes with an additional feature called ‘Screen Effects’ which is much like live wallpaper but with a twist.

It will not change your existing wallpaper but it overlays it with animation effects such as autumn leaves, snowfall etc. More you explore more you find customization option and it is a guarantee you will not getting bored of it.



Apex is one of the best Android launchers because of its looks. It is loaded with tons of icon packs and themes. It is also one of the lightest Android launchers in the list which is optimized for tablets and smartphones.

Apex let you add up to nine customizable home screens. Moreover, it also lets you hide apps which you are not using especially the stock apps.

Apex helps you to sort the app according to the title, date, or how frequently you are using them. Its pro version will give you more gestures, customizations, and other additional features.

Everything Me

Download Everything Me

Everything Me

Everything Me is one of the neatest and clean Android launchers for you. During initial setup, Home screen folder creates categories. Everything Me let you customize gesture and its inbuilt predication bar help you to search apps quickly.

A single swipe will take you to ‘Quick Contacts’ where you can get access to frequently used contacts. There are many other features which makes Everything Me ideal choice for best Android launchers list.

A feature like ‘WeWatch’ let you keep updated with latest need feed but has a less customization option. In starting it will not give you expected performance but as you keep using it Everything Me deliver its best as it learns from your activity and usage.

Hope you love to know about best Android launchers now without any delay share this post with your friends as soon as possible.


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