Microsoft Office is all time the favorite application for Windows user but there are most of the people who keep asking about the best alternative of Microsoft Office. If you are one of them then you will get your problem solution with an ease. So are you ready

Best Alternative Of Microsoft Office

Google Docs, Slide, & Sheets

Best Alternative Of Microsoft Office

Google is just everywhere. It has a wide number of services which we use regularly without even noticing. For instance, if you have Android then it is a Google product, using Maps then it is Google product, from Gmail to YouTube everything is owned by Google.

If you research a bit then you will find out that Google is almost everywhere and when it comes to best alternative of Microsoft Office Google also has a solution. We are talking about Google Docs, Slide, & Sheets which are bundled with Google Drive.

Frankly speaking, all of these Google products are not as powerful as MS Office but when it comes to accessibility Google’s web apps simply win the game without even competing.

Google Docs online office suite comprises Word (docs), Powerpoint (slides), and excel (sheets). Apart from these major office apps it also comes with Forms and Drawings.

The best part about Google’s office suite is it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to carry any external storage device to carry your documents. All you need is a Google account that you obviously have one.

Another great part is you can edit, create, import, export your files easily and it supports MS Office files too. Upload your existing files and edit them on the go.

No doubt for offline editing MS Office is best but Google Docs is unbeatable when it comes to managing files online. Google Office Suite is a free cloud-based service which can be more powered using third-party addons.



LibreOffice is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office especially when you are looking for its offline alternative.

It is a powerful office suite which comes with a clean interface and feature-rich tools which enhance your productivity and unleash your creativity.

LibreOffice is bundled with tons of application which makes it one of the most powerful free and open source office suite in the market.

LibreOffice bundled with Writer (word processing), Impress (presentations), base (databases), Math (formula editing), Calc (spreadsheets), and Draw (vector graphics & flowcharts).

It is easy to use as its functionalities and features are very close to Microsoft Office. You will love to try it, especially when you don’t want to go with premium MS office.

Don’t worry about the documents quality as you will always get clean and professional, regardless of their purpose; a master thesis, financial reports, technical drawings and diagrams, a brochure, marketing presentations, a letter and more.

LibreOffice ensures that your doc looks professional. It is one of the biggest rivals of Microsoft Office. Now don’t think that you have to recreate your old documents.

Well you will be glad to know that LibreOffice is compatible with wide range of document formats like Word (.doc, .docx), PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), Excel (.xls, ,xlsx), and Publisher.

It gives you maximum control over your content and data. It let you export your data in many formats including PDF.

Office Online

Office Online

If you love to know about Google Docs features especially online one then you might love to give a try to Office Online.

This is especially for those who want to avail features like Google’s Office Suite but without leaving MS Office.

Now you’ve already guessed that Office Online is a product of Microsoft. It is best alternative for Microsoft Office that we normally install and run on our PCs and Macs.

Similar to Google Office Suite, Office Online works right on your browser. As it is Microsoft product so you need to create a Microsoft account.

Office Online features cloud-based version of PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneNote, Flow (automate tasks), Sway (creates presentations) and more. It let you edit or store files on your computer or OneDrive much similar to Google Office Suite.

If you think that Office Online is just an online version of Microsoft Office then you might be wrong.

We recommend you to try this best alternative for Microsoft Office so that you can experience a new set of features.

It comes with the same interface that MS Office 2016 had. It is in the market for a long time but most of the people are unaware of it that’s why we have decided to give it a place in our best alternative of Microsoft Office list.

WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office is another best alternative to Microsoft Office. Earlier if you heard about Kingsoft Office than know that it is the same product they renamed it’s to WPS Office.

Currently, it is one of the most famous office suites in Android. For Windows users, its WPS Office 2016 version is available for free to download and use but what you will not like is its non-interrupting advertisements.

You will get it when software is about to start. Anyways it is still worth. It bundles with Word, Spreadsheet, and Presentation making apps.

In terms of feeling and look WPS Office comes with an almost similar look to Microsoft Office.

WPS Office is integrated with cloud sync feature which allows the user to sync their document across various devices. It is also loaded with tons of templates which you love to use.

WPS Office let you convey your Word file to PDF but if you are using the free version then you can use it for a limited number of times.

If you are a regular user then you don’t need to spend money on it but if you want additional features then it is worth.

Apple iWork

Apple iWork

Apple is the biggest competitor of Microsoft. Most of unaware of the fact that Apple too has its dedicated office suite called iWork.

Apple iWork is only available to Mac OS (OS X). though it is free of charge it lacks many features in comparison to Microsoft Office.

Apple iWork let you create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. If you are shifting from Microsoft Office then it will take you some time to get used to.



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