Finally, Apple has officially launched its 6th generation iPhone 5 in India on November 2, 2012

i.e. Friday. Apple iPhone 5 was first launched on 21 September in some selected countries in

the globe. Apple iPhone 5 was the most desired phone in Indian markets. Apple launched its

iPhone 5 in India at the promotional events in New Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai.

Few days before, the distribution partners of Apple in India had dispensed announcements that

i5 will available in Indian markets on November 2, 2012.

Neha Dhupia at Official Apple iPhone 5 Launch in India
Apple iPhone 5 Launch, New Delhi


The Pre- orders for new i5 had started few days before the official launch of iPhone 5 in India.

So, only those who Pre-ordered the marvelous i5 would receive it on the launch date. However,

people who want to buy Apple i5 on the launch day should wait up to nearly 2-3 weeks.


Apple iPhone 5 in India is the best Smart Phone available in the markets with so many extra-

ordinary features. It runs on Apple’s new operating system iOS 6 which is much faster than iOS 5.

Apple i5 has dual- core A6 chip which is best for gaming purposes. Apple iPhone 5 also supports .

LTE (Long Term Evolution) Networks only in selected markets. Apple iPhone 5 is the first

Smart Phone that works only with nano sim cards. For this reason, the major telecom operators

like AirTel and Vodafone began taking pre-orders of Apple i5, indicating that they have huge

stock of nano sim cards available only for iPhone 5. Airtel also offered huge range of data plans

for iPhone 5 in India.


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Price of Apple iPhone 5 in India

Apple iPhone 5 in India
Apple i5


Redington is the distributors of Apple products in India. According to the Redington, the price

for the base model (16 GB) of iPhone 5 in India is Rs. 45,500. The 32 GB version of

iPhone 5 in India is available at Rs. 52,500 and the price for the top model (64 GB variant)

iPhone 5 is available at Rs. 59,500.


Apple i5 is also freely available in Grey Markets but it is much costly as compared to Official

Apple retail stores.In Grey Markets, the price of 64GB version of Apple iPhone 5 in India is

Rs.67,000Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920 are considered as the best competitors

for Apple i5 in India. We wish that the launch of Apple iPhone 5 in India touches all the heights

of Success.